Sonnet James Dresses Love

I am a loyal girl, especially when it comes to brands. I love the feeling of walking into a store or clicking on a site and knowing that if I could I would buy one of everything. It feels good to see that someone out there is creating items that fits your style.The story of my life however, is being able to find thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, shoes, accessories, and workout clothes to buy no problem. But then when it comes to clothing I have a style identity crisis.

I love keeping clothing simple : perfectly fitting skinny jeans, v-necks that are a flattering cut and not too sheer, a few button up shirts, + sweaters and I’m good! I really don’t ask for much. But instead all I find are croptops, sheer tops, bright primary colors, or busy patterns, and dresses that are always just a little too short.

I go to my Pinterest board and remind myself, “kyra you have a style! you are not as inept as you feel!” And then a few weeks later I venture out with that handsome husband of mine, and wind up disappointed again after sorting through clothing racks. Leather boots, large face watches, gold rings, infinity scarves, workout leggings, no problem! But clothes, oh clothes shopping sucks.

*    *    *

Then early this spring one of my favorite bloggers introduced her readers to Sonnet James, a new clothing line by Whitney Lundeen, and I was instantly intrigued + excited. Fastfoward to having the Reese dress hanging in my closest waiting to be put on tonight for photos with Landon, and I want every other dress she makes. There is something so refreshing about loving a brand, literally everything they make, and that not a single item would have to be altered for it to be modest.

Sonnet James DressesSonnet James Dress Love Sonnet James Dress Kate

It was when I was watching another video on her site, and she shared that “being silly with my boys didn’t come naturally to me” that I really fell in love. That’s me with Pait! And I officially had my first experience connecting with a clothing brand since finding a little boutique in Oregon 6 years ago.

I’m a little bummed I missed the chance for her Escape From  Alcatraz package on Kickstarter: “A flight to San Francisco, a Sonnet James gift bag (one of everything!) and a playful day touring the city with me in our dresses. Come see all of my favorite places–let’s bike across the Golden Gate Bridge with Bi-Rite ice cream cones in hand!” or the chance to have “a dress designed for you, made for you, named after you, and mailed to your door. Your signature dress will join the 2014 collection” but I’ll keep daydreaming about what my signature dress would look like.

Til I can share photos later this month, I wanted to share this post and express my genuine love for the Sonnet James dress line. If there ever was an apparel company that I’d pray for to never stop what it’s doing, it’d be this one. ♡

7 thoughts on “Sonnet James Dresses Love

  1. Jackie

    I ordered one of these dresses, and then promptly bought two more. They are amazing! So flattering and comfortable. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


  2. kyrafaulkner

    Yes, thanks for the kind comment! And I believe I saw new dresses were releasing next month! Let me know if you have a go-to clothing company that you love, I need all the suggestions I can get (:


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