Three Years / 1095 Days Together

Three years being together, three! It seems so short, yet makes me feel old at the same time. I’ve been editing our wedding photos the past day or so getting them ready for those pasts, and it feels so good to love them again. That day was beautiful. I feel lucky, truly lucky, to have had so many beautiful days with Landon since. I feel like if you come to my blog and don’t leave with the feeling that I love marriage and motherhood then I have failed with sharing my heart.

My favorite things with Landon this year, are all the little things: sleepovers in the living room, Subway dates, walks with Paityn, reading a book out loud together, setting goals together, studying the scriptures, helping each other with our blogs, camping, drives, hikes, road trips, being on the same page with music on those road trips, time with his family, all the billion texts, hugs when he comes home, and million I love you’s.

If there’s one thing I feel strongly about, it’s the idea of living consciously. To check in, to be aware and to constantly evaluate. It means the world to mean that Landon is on the same page, and then some. I have no doubt that when we sort out the logistic of our future and careers, it’s going to be a good fit. And that means so much more to me than jumping into Law School or a similar path this time last year just to feel like we have things figured out. Turns out, I’m liking all of the possibilities for our future, even if they include Texas this week ;)

Happy wedding anniversary, my adventure buddy ♡


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