Making 2014 Count | May Update

Happy last day of May! Landon is currently climbing Mt. Shasta; he texted an hour ago that they were at 12,700 feet and that it was turning into a beautiful morning. Hows that for 8am on a Saturday! His passion for the outdoors and for adventure just makes my heart giddy. It continues to give me the confidence to go for my goals full speed ahead.

Register personal URL + blog email
Let’s start here! My site is officially with my contact email now being, and that makes my heart oh so happy.

For the past few months I became caught up on the idea that my blog needed a creative name with trendy keywords. After asking family members again and again for their opinion of what to call this blog I realized it was just like when the guy in high school asked me to be his girlfriend and I kept asking my friends what they thought. The fact that I had to ask what other people thought taught me it wasn’t what I wanted. I’ve tried to apply that rule ever since, I think of that cute guy and think “nope! Kyra go for what you heart wants.” I look forward to years of blogging without the regret of being talked into a URL I didn’t actually want.

Create a desk workspace
This also feels so good. For months I’ve been pinning workspace ideas, dreaming of having a desk setup. And then, it suddenly all started coming together once we got the iMac last month. So to IKEA we went at the beginning of this month for the desk that was finally in stock again, and five guys to celebrate. Moving forward I’d love to find clear acrylic containers for business cards + notecards, a candle or two, and the perfect prints to hang on the wall.

Prepare emotionally + physically to have another little one
This goal meant a few different things when I set it in January. It meant, “baby number two, you’re on my mind and I’m excited to prepare to have you in our lives.” It meant seeing where I was at emotionally before planning for a pregnancy again. Was there anything that I needed to do first? It stood for the prayers that I knew would have to happen, but wasn’t ready say yet. But then God worked gently in our hearts the past two months and now this goal feels so personal and real. Now this goal stands for the little details, the chats with my midwife, and the returned focus on folic acid. My heart is bursting just writing about this all again.

Enter the temple once a month together
Check! It was beautiful, and amazing, and special. It was also our first experience with a babysitter! After going to lunch with a few friends earlier that afternoon, they encouraged me to make date nights with just Landon a thing, just as we make adventures with Paityn happen. Another goal for another month!

Publish 52 blogposts a year

This is the part where I look over what I’ve posted recently and I realize, this wasn’t such a bad month after all! :

Finished the Book of Mormon a 2nd time
I just finished Alma 44 this morning, and if I keep this up I should be able to read the New Testament this year as well no problem. Days that I start my morning are the best + go a million times better.

Become more athletic: lifting, running and yoga
I joined a running challenge this month with the beautiful Yessy Barclay @yessybuttons. The challenge was to run 100 miles in 30 days, and though I wanted to run 26 miles straight after our road trip to Utah, the fact that I hadn’t run 100 miles total the past year should’ve been a clue as to how it would go. I ended up logging 16 walks [with Paityn] + runs, but for a total of 22.3 miles. Nice to know what my base mileage is and how to step it up! That said, I’ve kept up with lifting and it’s still definitely my favorite.


And with that, I’ll end this update there. May really was a rough month but this post was a nice way to wrap up the month and to remember that it also had significant and fun moments too! I’m looking forward to turning the calendar tomorrow to June; we have some exciting things planned!


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