A Month With Paityn Ann || 16 Months

As I went in to get Paityn out of her crib this morning she raised her arms to be picked up, realized what she was doing, and quickly dropped down. She swooped in and grabbed Ellie her elephant on her right, a blanket on her left, then stood, with arms full looking at me like, “now I’m ready.” It’s those little things that are what have changed the most the past month, everything is so much more though out and I love it!

Here are a few other sweet memories from this month:

Grabbing things from the fridge to make wraps and as the door is shutting Paityn quickly grabs the first thing she can and runs happily to the living room to enjoy it. She grabs the bag and shakes it upside down, realizing it’s spinach. She walks away from the mess just as fast, disappointed, but stops to peel a spinach leaf off the bottom of her foot.

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Eating broccoli and hummus together as a snack but she’s not sold on the broccoli, so she starts using her piece as a spoon and quadruple dips; and ends up eating the entire garlic center of the hummus.

The way she loves getting stuck in her little toy basket or sitting on the blue vintage suitcase, with the trumpet case as a back rest.

Her love for the jogging stroller, and how she can talk us into going for a walk without saying a word! Or when we’re going out the door, and she think we’ve forgotten to grab the stroller. “No, Paityn, we’re taking the car this time.” *cries*

Running sprints at the track [she lost].


How she thinks she can talk now. Understand each other, yes! But “ticka ticka ticka ticka” isn’t getting translated anytime soon, no matter how expressive her face.

The way she puts her finger next to the side of her mouth, surprised look on her face, looking around the house for something, with sharp excited inhales. That one’s seriously one of my favorites. Or when we’re picking out an outfit, and she points her finger to her lips and says “hmm” oh so pensively.

The billion “loves” she gave Landon’s phone while we facetimed his mom down in Loma Linda one night. “Oh, here comes another one!” *hugs phone tightly and rocks it side to side*


How picky she’s become this month. If I was pregnant it’d be perfect: she’s totally into bland flavors or anything very sweet. Everything else is being spit out, probably as we speak.

Her crazy curly hair. All the silly laughs. The billion waves to strangers we’ve come to love + expect from her. Her fist pumps to music playing. Her ice-cream footie pajamas. The spontaneous kisses that have begun. The ways she jumps in when I’m doing yoga or kettlebells at the house, or tries to imitate me. How much she loved Teresa’s tiny puppy while we were taking yoga pictures and tried to pick him up again and again.The fact that she’s still knocking our lamps over, making me jump every time. The fact that it just happened.

More than anything, something happened this month that turned her into such a conscious little one. Nothing feels random with her anymore. The way she just brought me three of her shoes, well the third might be a little random but two are matching and that means it’s time to go play outside. ♡



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