Beale Falls, a Simple Saturday

This was one of those hikes where there was nothing glamorous about it at all. Our outfits were thrown together, as were our plans for the day. We found ourselves in sandals and the simple desire to be outside together. It turned out to be such a carefree + enjoyable afternoon, and reliving the experience just makes me smile putting this post together ||IMG_7435 IMG_7438 IMG_7440 IMG_7442 IMG_7443 IMG_7463 IMG_7464 IMG_7468IMG_7173IMG_7506IMG_7538 IMG_7179 IMG_7209IMG_7541IMG_7539 IMG_7181 IMG_7537IMG_7197IMG_7198
I was hesitant to post this one: from the nickname of “fairy falls” to the cows to the lack of text to explain about our day. But then I looked through the pictures a second time, and saw all the little things that make me smile: Paityn nomming down on the cashews, Landon playing with her in the water, the photos he sneakily snapped of me, and even those dang cows. I have never seen so many cows in all my life, but being 15 feet away from them as they were grazing, felt special to experience. California is a massive state, and it can’t all be San Francisco and sandy beaches.

I hope you can feel + see the simple beauty that we did this Saturday. Here’s to finding beauty in nature wherever you are.

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