A Perfect Day Looks Like This || Daily Schedule

I don’t know about you, but I think I might be more of a winter child than I realize. Nothing makes me feel less like myself than the month of May. Because of that, it takes a little extra work to make my days feel significant, to feel productive and like my bright normal self. One of my goals this year is to stick to a schedule, which will help me keep my goals a priority. YouTube + blogs are all too appealing when I don’t! Here’s my recipe for a close to perfect day:


alarm set to 6:15am, kneel to pray
workout, back by 7:45am
shower + change right into something cute

make breakfast for paityn and i
morning bath, brush her teeth, clean kitchen
play with paityn, set phone aside

morning nap
pick up the living room
read/study scriptures
learn or work on something new for 25 minutes

lunch with landon, make paityn lunch
go for a walk with pait

afternoon nap
spray down bathroom, clean bedroom
go over YW lesson 20 minutes
hang out with paityn/blog/read til 4pm

plan, prepare + fix dinner
water plants!

what’s your recipe for a successful day?


5 thoughts on “A Perfect Day Looks Like This || Daily Schedule

  1. kyrafaulkner

    I feel like it’s amazing how much I can jam into a day when I’m focused, and how little gets done when I’m not! Pinterest for sure, especially in the morning. The content on the popular feed seems to get weird by afternoon my time haha


  2. The Cold Penguin

    I need a plan too in order to be productive. My day isn’t too much different from yours, filled with chores, some “me” read time, and exercise. It’s amazing how much I can jam into a day, but I need to make sure I still make time for blogs and pinterest – those make me happy :)

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