Praying About Future Babies

Shortly after giving birth to Paityn I was ready to be pregnant again and to have a million more babies. Despite all the morning sickness + thrown up cherries on the drive to Sunday dinners, there was an excitement about pregnancy that I missed. Knowing that excitement wasn’t enough of a reason to get pregnant again so soon, I set the thoughts aside and allowed myself to fall in love with our sweet daughter.

In the months that followed I thought about pregnancy less and less as we settled into life as a family of three. Boredom was replaced with more and more sweet moments together during the day. As I neared 10 months of breastfeeding, I began to start contemplating baby number two, anticipating the emotion of wanting my body to myself for at least 6 months before starting all over again.

Having had that time to myself to focus on fitness, motherhood and the balance of it all I am so glad I took that time to myself. I’ve also started hoping that I’ll just magically find myself pregnant any month now. Tiny percentage chances are romantic in my mind, as well as spiritual decisions being made for me. As I was daydreaming about the idea of it all recently, I was interrupted with the direct impression that Heavenly Father needed me to want this next baby. That it needed to be a conscious decision that Landon and I make together. As time has passed I love what that simple answer has taught me. There’s a sweet difference between faithfully aligning our will with His and with presenting our will faithfully to Him. I think both are right, but both are completely different experiences.

I won’t be blogging about “trying” for baby number two. That falls under the category of things I don’t blog about. But I wanted to share my story before bump pictures happen down the road. These decisions are just as important to me as any other pregnancy post is. This is where it all begins: the desire to know + the faith to act. I hope wherever you’re at in life that you’re having a positive experience of being spiritually led in your life; it’s the best feeling ever.


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