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This week, after seeing post about it on twitter + my instagram, I purchased American Blogger and cuddled up with Landon on the couch to watch it. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but it blew my socks off. A few days later I googled the title, wondering what else I could find out about the documentary and found nasty review from all sorts of sites. I realized that this film was a match made in heaven for me, because of what I love. Most of all: family, motherhood, emotion + sharing your story. If those things aren’t your cup of tea, no worries! But if they are, check out the trailer or his site.

At some point I became a follower of Casey Wiegand on social media sites + of her blog, but had never checked her site regularly or had a good feel of who see was. After watching American Blogger I feel privileged to have seen such a beautiful portrait of what their family life is like, along with many other families around the country.

Below are some of my favorite quotes that I’ll want to remember:

Promise Tangeman - Wide

It’s really cool to have your own unique corner of the web. Other social media companies sometimes have restrictions on what you can post and who sees what, but it’s really magical to have your own site that you can post what you want, no one is telling you what you can and can’t post. It’s a new form of expression that’s definitely really twenty-first century | Promise Tangeman

In general, that’s why I love blogging. We choose to have our space be a positive and happy space. We don’t ignore the problems of the world, but we try to celebrate the happy things. For me it’s a place to read joyful things | Jenna Rammell, Small Fry

Why would I not start that? | Cara Loren Van Brocklin, Cara Loren on making the switch from a small family blog to fashion after getting constant questions on what she was wearing.

People want to get a snapshot of somebody else’s life. Not necessarily because they’re bored with their own lives but other people are just so interesting | Merideth Adams, The Mer La La

I think the human experience in general is interesting to people, and while celebrities and the lives of celebrities and all the magazines and things that play into that are really interesting to people, I think being able to peek into the lives of ordinary people is maybe even more interesting because these are our neighbors, people in our communities or people even across the world that are living similar experiences. The human experience is just a fascinating  thing | Melissa Jordan, Dear Baby

For those people who don’t like or don’t like my blog or want to tell it to me or on other forums that they don’t like me, you’re totally entitled to feel that way. If I never evoked any emotion in you, if I never ruffled any feathers, if I never created any response in people than it’d be a pretty boring blog to read. I want people to like me, but I’m ok if everyone doesn’t. I know who I am and I put on my blog what feels right to me | Melissa Jordan

I started Dear Baby the day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my first child. I needed a place to put all the thoughts that were going around in my head/the new adventure we were going on, it’s nice to have that first entry, the day that I found it, it captures the emotion of it all | Melissa Jordan


Something that I think is really amazing about blogging is the same way that you can go see a movie and it can be really powerful and move you and inspire you, and sometimes even change you, in this day and age a blog can do that. I think that’s amazing because it gives anybody a voice | Casey Wiegand, the Wiegands

I think being a woman writer, writing on the internet, even about motherhood it’s pretty powerful. You can write about some pretty powerful things — like breastfeeding or miscarriage or things that women go through, but it’s out for everyone to see. So some things that used to be so taboo to talk about, or women only talked about with their close friends, or husbands, you can now share it with the world and get so much more support back | Lauren Jimeson, Mommy In The City

I think some people think that in order to blog you have to be really really good at something, that you have to be an expert. Really it’s just a matter of putting your heart out there, it’s really about knowing your voice, finding your voice and knowing that what you have to say does matter | Kim Davis, Oh Sweet Joy

So many women that are timid and afraid to just be who they are in front of an audience; that’s the whole point of blogging for me is, the gritty stuff is the stuff that matters the most, the stuff that reveals the most about your character. And if we’re not sharing it, if we’re just keeping it private, why are we experiencing it? | Joy Prouty, Wildflowers Photography

If you’re looking to have people say nice things about you, don’t blog | Mary Beth Johnson, Annapolis & Company

I used to give everybody a voice on my blog but then I realized I was giving a voice to negativity and I wasn’t creating a safe place for my readers. So now, if you don’t have something nice to say, then your comment is going to be deleted. I don’t let myself go on to the websites where people are bashing blogs, I don’t google myself and I don’t let myself check to see who has unsubscribed or unfollowed my blog ever. I know that I will over analyze and allow it to really hamper my creativity and what I know to be so beautiful about the world of blogging | Ashley Stock, Little Miss Mama

Anita Means Office

You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row, sometimes all you need is that duck. You don’t know where it’s gonna go, or how you’re going to do it but if you have a duck, you can do it | Susan Peterson, Freshly Picked Moccasins 

Numbers and blogging can be focused on way too much. I think that’s what a lot of people worry about when they begin, how am i going to continue this I have five followers. It takes forever to gain your following, and the biggest thing with gaining a following is being yourself but also the biggest thing is not caring that much about your following. The second you’re caring about the following or as silly as it is I’ve heard buying followers on things, you’ve losing, you have lost. Those are not your followers. You need your own followers, they will come naturally | Cara Loren Van Brocklin

ok ok, one more! Casey + Chris’s sweet daughter: “i love you mommy. say thanks! say I love me! thanks.”


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