A Month With Paityn Ann || 15 Months

As I held Paityn’s hand out our front door and down to the pool, I realized once again how amazing mom life is. Together we laid in side by side pool chairs pushed next to each other, ate smile face graham crackers, and splashed in the pool. Add in lots of rescuing her little legs that kept falling through the pool chair slots and you’ve got a picture of what summer is going to look like for us. this is the life.IMG_8021

Here are a few other memories from the past month that I wouldn’t want to forget.

the way that pulling up pictures of babies on pinterest on my phone can calm her down from most any woe. and the way that she waves, kisses the screen, and hugs the phone so tight sweetly rocking back and forth. babies, she loves em.

the fact that she can recognize our car door locking when Landon comes home and that she recognizes his feet approaching the door. “dad dad!” in short excited exclamations.

the sunday that I didn’t have to teach YW, so we went to Relief Society for the first time. I pulled a tiny folding chair in from the primary room across the hall and folded up the normal chair that was supposed to be next to me. for the better part of an hour we sat next to each other, me listening, she patting the butts of the ladies in front of her.

changing her diaper after a bath, towel laid under her, and she starts curling the towel around her head up and over her eyes, so excited to have thought of the game.

bath time in the morning, when she first realized she can slip around from sitting up to laying down on her stomach. she giggled for minutes. then, starting sticking her face in the water and jerking up quickly,  busting up laughing again. I love that one.

IMG_6400 IMG_6401

when I go to get her out of the crib, groggily and half drunk, she stumbles quickly to standing and starts pointing at things at random “what’s that! what’s that!” I’ve learned to take this as, good morning I missed you so!

easter weekend doing an egg hunt around the house with papa + mimi right after she woke up, discovering jelly beans were inside and the way to her heart.

of course, there’s still the fact that she throws everything from our bathroom drawers on the floor. no expensive makeup products were harmed in april, but a few were lost, and we still can’t find landon’s toothbrush.

IMG_6918 IMG_6919

her constant waves + smiles are my favorite.

she’s giggly + easy. independent but not naughty at all. oh please continue!

she makes the best buddy during the day and makes being a mom fun. i would like a million more of her, please! happy 16 months little one. april was a good one. 

ps: the countdown to nursery has begun!



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