Making 2014 Count | April Update

With photos of Justin Timberlake flooding my twitter + instagram feed, I’ve been notified that it’s gonna be May. Which means it’s time to check in with how I did with making progress on my every growing list of goals for the year!

Create a Wordspace // Invest In An iMac
When I created my list of goals at the beginning of the year, I added buying an iMac to the list with the intention behind it of being even more dedicated to this space. I wanted a fresh start with a computer, free to fill it up with thousands more photos, and to have the available space to get into Photoshop, InDesign and other programs. I set the goal to be honest with what my heart desired, not knowing if this one would happen.

And then last night we got to take an iMac home with us! Sadly it came at the loss of our trusty laptop and made me hashtag pictures #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings, but luckily the computer coverage on our renter’s insurance through USAA is amazing, and it covered water damage inflicted by babies. Such a relief. The desk I love, and styled here, is sold out again at our IKEA, but I can’t wait to pick it up once it’s back in stock and begin to create a beautiful workspace.

Be A Better Driver
These posts are about honesty, right? You adore my ability to admit I’m a terrible driver, yes? Two things learned this month : when pulling up behind a car at a stoplight you should be able to see their rear tires and I need to speed the hell up when merging onto a freeway. No near accidents happened, just a stressed out husband in the passenger seat.

Becoming More Athletic

photo 3I added a fourth element to my trifecta: swimming. We have access to a glorious heated indoor pool and hadn’t used it once til last month. Then we’ve gone back, back and back again. I’ve never been a swimmer, but oh am I making progress! I’m feeling that the boost in lung capacity/strength alone will be beneficial.

In other news, we were presented an opportunity to consider running a 10K in the Bahamas as part of a charity even in the month of October! Not knowing how it’d work out for many reasons, but also not wanting my lack of ability to run 6 miles to be the culprit in the end, I’ve been adding in lunchtime runs to my normal lifting routine.

Giving Up Diet Coke

This has been a huge success so far! I’m finding that the hardest part was to once and for all make up my mind to not drink it for the rest of the year. For the most part, from there on out, it hasn’t been a struggle. When we were in San Francisco getting pizza I would’ve loved to grab a diet for our cute date. The second and only other time it felt tempting to give in was a random night in with Landon watching a movie + fresh popped popcorn. Thank goodness for this blog keeping me accountable though, otherwise I probably would’ve gone to get one then.


Reading a Book A Month
So, I read five books this month. The Book Thief // Girl’s In White Dresses // The Round House // The Peacegiver // Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

If you’re interested in a quick summary of each, I made a separate blog post for that this month HERE

Put Together a Charitable Event i.e.: a Race
Landon’s experience with raising $5,000 with his Climb For Change earlier in February propelled us right to thinking, “what’s next?” once he finished. After some brainstorming sessions, we decided to have him pitch the idea to his boss of putting on a 5K for the Foster Children Agency he works for. When we lived in SLC Landon had thrown around the idea of putting on a race there, but it always seemed so far-fetched of an idea. I love the confidence booster we’ve found from our success together and on personal levels. Landon was given the green light to go for it, so we’ll be googling and scheming the next little bit to see what it takes to put on a 5K this summer!

With that I think I’ll end things here. This has been a full + productive month. I’ve been fortunate to begin working with two companies on my blog, which feels so amazing. They are two that I love personally, and I think you will too. Most of all, I don’t think I would’ve found the courage to pitch ideas to them, without having made these goals and stuck to them. So with that let me know how you’re doing with making this year count or what you want to focus on next month!


4 thoughts on “Making 2014 Count | April Update

  1. kyrafaulkner

    Thank you thank you! I’m beyond glad already that I set so many goals that I felt like my soul needed + am sticking with them. Thank goodness for blogs! Now to just keep my little one away from the iMac. My heart can’t take any more broken expensive things for awhile haha


  2. heykyra

    Haha seriously! Luckily renter’s insurance covered a huge chunk for us! Now to just try to save all 18,000 pictures on our fried laptop. Good thing I blog + have been documenting!
    Thanks! I feel that way about chocolate. Literally unimaginable of a life without haha


  3. Emma Bauso

    Wow this was a really productive month for you! Yay on the new iMac thing- that would be enough for two months worth of goals for me haha! I’m not so much of a diet Coke fan, but giving up Coke would just be…. unimaginable. Good for you!


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