Muir Woods | San Francisco, California

IMG_7304Friday morning, having the day to ourselves, we headed down towards San Francisco. Landon had an interview scheduled with a clothing company for his brand later that afternoon in Oakland, so we started the morning at Muir Woods with Andrew and Teresa.

Let’s start with a fun fact about John Muir though, namesake for the National Monument, famous for his travels, writings and work as a naturalist. I learned that he  Muir suffered a blinding eye injury around age 29.  When he regained his sight a month later, he resolved to turn his eyes to the fields and woods. “There began his years of wanderlust,” one website explained. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that despite his extensive travel around the world, he called Northern California home. That’s gotta mean something!

So, Muir Woods, 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, has an entrance fee of $7 a person over 16. Friday turned out to be a rainy day and even then fought to find two parking spots. If we were to come back any day later this summer I’m sure we’d have to take advantage of the nearby shuttle. It’s been called a tree lover’s monument, which I hesitate to write, not knowing how you’ll take it.




IMG_7383 IMG_7106
 My review of Muir Woods is that is was beautiful, yes! But something felt different about walkingIMG_7392 into an area that is beautiful from the beginning, without any effort on our end besides walking through the entrance arch. I would definitely go back on a sunny day, where Paityn could walk around without tripping on every mud puddle. She spent most of our time there giggling under the umbrella at all of the raindrops falling above our head. So she was happy! But didn’t have the best view of the large Redwoods above us.

Afterwards, Landon and I begun towards San Francisco, and actually drove through a good portion of it, but without a plan of what to do we just weren’t feeling it. It felt like a casual Friday, and the grey skies + continued rain wasn’t helping, so with pizza on the brain we asked Siri where the nearest Pizza My Heart was. To Emeryville we went!


Truth be told, I think we love Emeryville. The urban shopping village Bay Street has everything I love — from an IKEA to West Elm to Baby Gap. By the end of the evening it felt nice to head away from the traffic and to head home. I’ve always thought I’d love big city life in a condo more than anything else, but oh I can see how traffic can weigh you down. If it’ll ever work for us, it’ll have to involve having everything we need in a 2 mile bike riding radius.

That said I’m dying to fall in love with San Francisco. I see the potential! I’d love to put one of trip advisor’s one day walking tours, for example, to the test. Blogging style. I could also happily spend a day photographing the home + architecture of SF. So perhaps, stay tuned!

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