Getting Fresh In The Kitchen | Pt 2

Alright! Our fridge is scrubbed clean and I’ve committed to eliminating diet coke for the rest of the year.  After writing my letter to Paityn and making necessary connections with my anxiety towards food, I feel ready to do this thing. Perhaps I’ll amend my goal of trying a new recipe each week this year to “try 52 new recipes this year.” I could quickly catch up for lost time with that one.

Having made less than a meal a year that I’ve been together with Landon, I’ve started the clicker at zero for this series. My official meal #1, was chicken, quinoa + artichokes with garlic hummus served on the side. My sweet husband texted instructions of when to start thawing the chicken and how to go from there. Simple as it was, seasoned with sea salt and pepper, it was definite success in my book. For the artichoke I got a lotta bit of help from Huffington Post HERE + Simply Recipes HERE. Having used our only sauce pan, I learned HERE that I could microwave the quinoa, and it turned out delicious.


Goals for Pt 2 :
— Do a large, $100 grocery shopping trip once a week for the next month
— Make a conscious effort to cut out any extra stops for fast food or chocolate the rest of the week
— Pay attention to my little one’s diet. Is it varied? Is it balanced? How can we help her out a bit more?

Meals 2-7:
Chicken Fajitas, served with black beans on the side
Tilapia, served with  couscous and asparagus
a Nice Yummy Salad {romaine, quinoa, black beans, onion, tomato, corn and pico}
Black Bean Burgers, served on wheat bread
Protein Pancakes served with fruit, because breakfast for dinner is fun

Shopping List For the Week :
Bread, Quinoa, Tortillas, Couscous, Pretzels
Eggs/Egg Whites, Black beans, Peanut Butter, Garlic Hummus
Pears, Grapes, Apple, Bananas
Romaine lettuce, Green+ Red peppers, Avocado, Tomato, Pico de gallo, Red onion, Sweet potatoes, Asparagus, Corn
Chicken Breast, Tilapia,
Olive Oil Spray, Sea Salt, Pepper
Almond milk, Coconut Milk, Chocolate.

The largest things I’ve learned from the past two months is that even when money is tight, learn what you grocery budget is and spend it at the grocery store. All those little trips to grab food when you’re out or it’s late, add up faster than you think. Stock up on fresh veggies, fruit, meats + grains weekly before you accidentally spend all your money without anything to show for than crumpled up take out wrappers.

I’m feeling excited to refocus on this goal, and to have the support of my husband. Meal planning is the hardest part for me, but in the beginning, it’s going to be the key to my success. Let me know if you have any healthy go-to dinners I can try this year!

Getting Fresh In The Kitchen Pt 1

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