General Conference Weekend

Here’s a little post with pictures from the conference weekend, which we got to spend conference weekend with Rachel, Kragen and the three little ones.  We got in late Friday night then woke up early with Paityn once the sun came streaming into the house a little after seven. With a century bike ride going down soon for the Mr, he took off for an early bike ride through the rolling hills while Pait + I had a graham cracker picnic waiting for the rest of the house to wake up.

IMG_6142  IMG_6052IMG_6056

IMG_6066 IMG_6088

Saturday afternoon after watching the morning session of conference, we headed out to grab lunch and play outside. The sun was bright + overhead, which though made a perfect afternoon, didn’t make for amazing pictures. Maybe next time!


Conference makes my heart so happy; conference paired with family is double the fun. It can be a bit more difficult to combine two family’s ideals towards conference, but I think we did it well. My favorite part of the weekend has got to be Reagan’s imagination and personality. What could have been a simple request of asking if I wanted to “sunbathe” turned into a conversation about floating on clouds, and how we’d get up. I couldn’t help cracking up when this ittle 5 year old expressed concern about there being no internet, and if it’d be worth it. Oh man! Another good one from the weekend — kicking the ball over the fence into a neighbor’s yard. I’m such a noob. So we marched on over and asked the kind man to throw it back over the fence when he had a chance. Oh non-apartment living!

IMG_6150 IMG_6154 IMG_6166

Below I posted a few of my favorite points or quotes from each talk from the Saturday + Sunday session. If you think it’s long, just know that I knew you’d say that, so I resisted posting from the women’s + priesthood session as well. You’re welcome!

Ps — ten points if you can spot pres. monson up in Reagan’s drawing. recognize the talk?

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