Spring Break Style

Vacations are a funny thing. I always think I’m great at compromising in our marriage, until something comes up like a vacation, where another chance won’t come back around for a little while if we didn’t do my first choice. I get a little more set with what I’d love to do! I’m happiest outside, in the sun + romanticize beach vacations like you wouldn’t believe.
Spring Break | Style
If Landon were to come home tonight with a card to shop online + tickets to say, Tahiti, these are the first things I’d 2nd day air:

| Earrings | Eyeshadow | Wallet | Overnight Bag | Swimsuit | Fedora | Luggage Tag | Sunnies | Lip Color | Waterproof Bronzer | Dark Sunless Tanner + Mit | Mint Gum |

I started a summer vacation Pinterest board earlier this winter, so feel free to follow me along over there while I pin everything tan, white, bright, sandy and beautiful. What are some things you’re eying for sunny days ahead?

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