My 10 Favorite Things about Blogging

Some of you know I’ve been blogging since May 2012. With my 2 year anniversary coming up I thought I’d join in on the linkup to share some of my favorite things about this space. Here are ten little things I love about having a blog ||

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1. I get to comment on my favorite blogs without feeling like a creeper
2. I enjoy fulfilling stereotypes about blonde utah moms that move to california and start a blog *
3. I now have a reason to use twitter  #letsbefriends
4. I have a terrible memory! terrible, terrible memory. Enter blog: life documented.
5. I can post adoring posts about Paityn all day long. Have I mentioned I loved photos?
6. Landon and I now do a million more adventures than before
7. My computer abilities + creative side are used, stretched and expanded in ways they never would have been
8. The blogging community is amazing. Especially when it transfers into instagram + twitter as well. two thumbs up for virtual friends
9. I get to set big goals + know that I have to stick to them **
10. I get to define what I find is beautiful, pouring my energy into this space, along with our home, little family and marriage.

* actually, please never say things like that! instead check out this post I found today, how to love a blogger
** new goals for 2014 being added soon! stay tuned, it might be a big one.

ps: this trailer for American Blogger, seems to showpiece a few of my emotions I couldn’t put to words in this little list, check it out


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4 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Things about Blogging

  1. Heather Bowling

    Hey Kyra! (hehe, get it?)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday and committing to visiting your dermatologist. That’s why I wrote my post and I hope if you do have any spots that are questionable that you catch them early. Love your blog, love this post, and love that you visited. #letsbefriends


  2. Emma

    These are all great reasons! I especially love number 10 because when you become an adult, there are very few places that are JUST yours, so having a blog feels like having your own room to decorate and do whatever you want in again!


  3. Jennifer Worthington Lower

    lol, I love the stereotype. I often find myself jealous of all you blond Cali bloggers. We tend to be dismal here on the east coast. I think it’s the crazy weather ;) You guys give me a new outlook and something more positive to strive for :) Blog on!


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