Making 2014 Count | March Update!

With another month checked off, I wanted to check in and share how things went in March with sticking with my goals and focusing on the idea of growth. Spring has made is way to Northern California, and I am loving it! Though we didn’t expect to still live here, this season makes me think of last year and my time as a brand new mom and all those days that I spent with Paityn here at the house, with the windows open.

It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come as a little family in the past year. In addition to relationship growth, I had the chance to look back over goals + notes I wrote last fall and winter. It feels so good to be able to visualize the place that I was in last fall and winter and to recognize where I am now. I posted recently that we’re doing better than we think, with an athletic focus, but wanted to expand that to all areas of life.

I look forward to the next few season changes where I’ll get to check in and share how I’m doing even better with making the most of each day, and I know each month will get me there.

Eliminating Any + All  Debt |

We had a breakthrough this month that I’m excited to share. You may remember that last month we cut out 2/3 of the debt on our credit cards. With that last 1/3 to attack, I watched the amount slowly increase again for things that felt necessary, at the time. Wanting to make this time different than before, I realized we needed to do something that we hadn’t done before.

So we cut up our credit cards*

This took a bit of an adjustment the first few days, but it felt refreshing to know that even if we ran out of money, that was the worst that would happen. Because to me at this point, debt is worse than being broke. Another goal that we have for 2014 is to get to a point where we have $0 on all credit cards again, and to build up a savings for our first home. With credit cards literally cut into tiny little bits, it will be difficult to not be successful with these two goals. * We are keeping all the accounts open, to help with our third goal, of getting both credit scores to the excellent range

On Creating 52 Blogposts This Year |

I haven’t addressed this goal yet so I wanted to include it this month. I chose 52 as a numerical goal to shoot for, but the focus behind this goal is blogging consistency. I made somewhat of change when I transferred from Blogspot to WordPress, of going from a primarily pregnancy + mom blog to more of a lifestyle blog. Things that you can count on seeing consistently here are too many pictures of Paityn, my love for Landon, adventures in California and the West Coast, progress with athletic + personal goals, and things I’m loving at the moment.

So far I’ve published 27 posts for the year! I’ve found that most of all blogging begets blogging, and taking lots of pictures always helps. It also doesn’t hurt that I finally love the layout of my site, which makes me excited to add new posts often. Looking forward I’d like to eliminate the .wordpress from my URL, create a custom header, and dial in on the design of the overall look a bit more.

On Reading a Book a Month |

I finally realize what type of books I love, and then I go and mess it all up. While Landon + Andrew were out there climbing two peaks in two days last month I made friends with a stranger in the Target book isle, who gave me a few book recommendations. She was a retired social worker living in the Bay area so she first suggested Orphan Train, explaining that it was right up her alley. The cover didn’t sell me, but I took her up on her IMG_4188next suggestion, based on the emotion in her voice alone, Calling Me Home.

The book is an exploration of the relationship between an eighty-nine-year-old woman Isabelle McAllister and her hairdresser Dorrie Curtis. Simultaneously, as Dorrie spends significant time with Miss Isabelle, we get to observe the senior of the two relive a tender and beautiful relationship some 79 years ago. It explores race, relationships, and friendship. Though not my typical book, I shut it at the end was a renewed love for love.

The second book I picked up that day was Tell the Wolves I’m Home, after seeing it pop up on Instagram and blogs the past few months. Unfortunately it was 1. slow and 2. took a weird young girl in love with her uncle who has AIDS which he got from his lover who tries to befriend the young girl twist, and I just didn’t know if I wanted to finish that journey with them.

The Book Thief, a third novel, [seriously what was I thinking?] is also almost painfully slow. I have family members promising it’s good, so I’m working my way through it. It explores the relationship between a young girl and her foster parents in Nazi Germany in the early 1940’s. Though not written in first person, it’s told through the young daughters perspective for the majority of the novel thus far. Perhaps because of her young age and naivety to what’s going on around her, it needs to be told at this speed? At page 190 I’m still saying decent at best. Sorry Kelsey.

On Being More Athletic; Running, Lifting, Yoga |

I’ll keep this one short, because I have exciting things to share as this month goes on, but Shortcut to Size is going great! Jim Stoppani, if you aren’t familiar, has a PhD in exercise physiology and is a huge resource on twitter, Facebook, and He’s created multiple workout programs, and the one is setup in 3 phase with 4 microcycles in each.

The first week involves sets in the 12-15 rep range, second week sets in the 9-11 rep range, third week sets in the 6-8 rep range and fourth week sets in the 3-5 rep range. As you might be able to visualize this has been amazing with helping me push through plateaus that I had fallen in with sticking with my last program for too long. Other mini steps of progress in this goal would be running 3 miles in March no problemo and working to increase my protein intake!

Goals I’d Like to Add to the List, Soonish |

++ Not drinking soda for the rest of the year! This would be a big one. More on this later

++ Taking the time to sketch in the afternoons — getting set up with supplies, inspiration, etc

On Coming to Know/Love Christ More This Year |

I don’t know about you, but I feel a deeply personal relationship with Heavenly Father but not the Savior.

I trust that I love Him, and that once I’m in His presence again all of those emotions will return, but I’m just not there right now. And then I watched the Brad Wilcox devotional, “His Grace is Sufficient” for the 5th time, preparing for my youth class, and it all clicked. I’d always seen Christ and there for me 2000+ years ago, and there for me in the end. But Wilcox brings up that the point that He is there with us through it all, not just when we’ve done all that we can do. Perhaps I’ve been a little confused with who to give credit to all these years.

I have made a concerted effort to study the scriptures daily — two chapters at a time. What works for me lately is listening to it on the LDS app, following along, making any mention of the Godhead in yellow, and taking notes or making connections on the side. After less than a week of consistent studying, 2 chapters a day in Alma, I felt amazing. I longed for heaven and to be with God again. The emotion of it all fell overwhelming, wondering as I become more and more pure, how would I cope with an intensified feeling of missing Him. Now, with some time to think about it, I think it’s my stop and go nature. That if I could be consistent, I wouldn’t have to miss Him as much.

And those were my goals accomplished in March! How’re you doing with making this year a good one?



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