Life With Paityn Lately

March 31 marked our fourteenth month with Paityn! Here’s a snapshot of what things are like with here around here —imagetalking | lots of “what’s that!” + her new one, “where is it?”

eating | has her banana for breakfast first then goes for mine. shared pretzel dipped in peanut butter after. Nature Valley granola bars at least once a day, she’s addicted.

sunshine | loves being outside + barefoot afternoons in papa + mimi’s backyard.

like a big kid | drinks out of water bottles like a pro, always changes the dial on the record player on me, and helps me find smeared lipsticks + baby fingernail scratches in my MAC powders. will pick anything up if you point at it, then open and close your hand. score!

danger | climbs full flights of stairs like it’s nothing, falls down full flights of stairs, that was something. narrowly escaped being crunched by dad’s bike, a dining room chair, and painting this month. this month is a dangerous one, baby.

remember when | the morning when she hiccuped herself awake or that time we were cuddling oh so cute, then she chomped down on my shoulder?

not fun | diaper changes, kleenex to the nose or bath time << anything else. late night, back arching, teething pain, restaurant highchairs past the first 3 minutes, or church pews for that matter.

she probably wishes we would | go on more walks, eat more chocolate, look at more pictures of babies on pinterest
wave at more strangers + hug more babies, giggle even more, be a bit more mischievous, and ruin a few more things.


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3 thoughts on “Life With Paityn Lately

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