Spring Is Here | Wildflowers, Waterfalls + Friends

Last Saturday Landon and I met up Breck + Leia, Teresa + Andrew and Tanny + Greyson and the babies to hike around Table Mountain. The last time Landon and I had been up there was Spring Break 2011, freshly engaged and visiting California from SLC. My first time there looked something like this:


Feel free to laugh at me, that picture still kills me. Being the eternal optimist I jumped at the idea of hiking around up there again.

We got to the parking area around 3:45, which was packed full of cars. It was a beautiful day, with dozens of groups out enjoying the sun, flowers and kite flying opportunities. Once we were out and putting all the babies on our backs or in Ergos, the fields opened up. Table Mountain is unique to me, in that it’s beautiful within the first few steps. There’s no grueling uphill battle required, actually quite the opposite for the flat topped adventure. It only takes a few minutes of walking to feel like you’ve been transported into another world. The worst part is knowing where to step, and how to not crunch all of the wildflowers as you walk. Bonus — not a single cow sighting this time.

IMG_5243IMG_5282 IMG_5268  IMG_5288IMG_5305
After stopping to check out the first waterfall, Hollow Falls, half of our group turned around and headed back to the car while Teresa + Andrew Landon + I went on to check out Beatson Falls.

IMG_5317IMG_5314  IMG_6526IMG_6526



After turning around after taking in the views around Beatson Falls, and having picked up the pace on the way back, we made it back to our cars just before dark.  A few windy miles back down North Table Mountain put us back in Oroville, where we stopped for dinner at a little Mexican restaurant to top off our adventure. Happy Spring! Hope you’re enjoying the new season + extra weeks of Easter candy this year. I know I am.


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