a Birthday Adventure | Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

My favorite man turned twenty seven yesterday! Being the mountain man that he is, we were out of the house by 9am with our bags packed for an adventure. We headed off to the State Park in Kenwood, California — which turned out to be a little over a 2 hour drive for us. I’m so glad that Paityn is happy with just about anything we plan, and that we’re relaxed enough to do these sort of things with her!

My packing list for an all day adventure with a 1 year old:
a REI backpack
enough water for the 3 of us.

+ that’s it! At least with our little one. We stopped for lunch at, you guessed it… Our love for Subway is beginning to be embarrassing, but you just can’t beat a shared $7 sandwich. Right?

Another 20 or so minutes northwest of Sonoma we were pulling into Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Landon had done all the research earlier, and saw that the Bald Mountain trail would work perfect for us. He struck gold. The sun was shining, the trail was open, lush, green, and boasted a beautiful view just two miles + 1500ft later.

IMG_4662IMG_4664    IMG_4697IMG_4687 IMG_4699IMG_4713 IMG_4710IMG_4704    IMG_4717 IMG_4719 IMG_4740 IMG_4742 IMG_4758  IMG_4761IMG_4760 IMG_4769 IMG_4889 IMG_4786IMG_4794  IMG_4806     IMG_4818IMG_4885IMG_4884  IMG_4830   IMG_4848 IMG_4851

Happy Birthday again Landon! I love that I married such an adventurous spirited man. I can’t wait for all of the adventures we have planned this summer, and for all the millions to come after! Also, I officially have my first mini [mini mini] sunburn of 2014

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