Color Analysis | Which Am I?

In my previous post I introduced the idea of color analysis. Though the idea may sound unnecessary or complicated, I’m intrigued by the way it can make shopping, finding your style and building your wardrobe easier once you’ve got it.

Because I have naturally lighter hair, lighter than a medium brunette, I am either a Spring or Summer. After reading through the Into Mind Blog, and watching the videos below in my last post, I was feeling confident that I was a Summer.

colour analysisAs I continued reading and learning, I found that things have been updated, and that there are actually 12 seasonal types, 3 variants for each season, which is especially helpful for those that weren’t perfectly defined before. But also complicates things a bit. The four seasons remained, Fall, Winter, Spring Summer, in addition to Soft, Light, Warm, Bright, Clear and Cool. I’m able to cross off 9 of the options and look more closely at  Light Summer, Soft Summer + Cool Summer.colour analysisRemember if you have darker hair check out her blog and check out the other 9 that apply to you: Light Spring, Clear Spring, Warm Spring, Soft Autumn, Warm Autumn, Deep Autumn, Cool Winter, Clear Winter, or Deep Winter and comment below what you find out!


color analysisFrom Into Mind:

1. Light: You are either a light Summer or a light Spring.
Your hair colour is light (blond or light brown), your skin is light for your ethnicity and your eyes are either a light blue, green or grey. You look best in the soft, light and muted shades of your colour palette, e.g. peach (Spring) or a pale lavender (Summer).

2. Cool: You are either a cool Summer or a cool Winter.
Regardless of whether you have light or dark skin/hair, your overall colouring has an underlying cool quality to it. Like the warm type, you also look best in the mid-range shades of your palette, e.g. emerald green (Winter) or periwinkle (Summer).

3. Soft: You are either a soft Summer or a soft Autumn.
There is little contrast between your skin, hair and eyes and your overall colouring is relatively close to neutral. Your hair is neither very light nor very dark. Your eyes are green, grey-blue, hazel or brown. You look best in soft, muted shades, e.g. olive green (Autumn) or blue teal (Summer).

She had me at the word soft + muted. Little contrast between skin, hair and eyes, yes. Neutral coloring, yes. Hazel/green eyes yes. Soft and muted shades, yes.  One last resource that helped me make my position from Reachel Bagley, Fashion Consultant over at Cardigan Empire comparing light summer + soft summer. She provides graphics for all twelve options so check her out if you’re still deciding. I’m officially calling myself a soft summer.

Most of all, I can see that though I can like wearing a variety colors, there’s a difference between wearing a beautiful color and wearing a color looking beautiful on you.

Which leads me to my next post, hair + makeup color. Until then, keep me posted on what you think!

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