Introduction to Color Analysis

The first time I was introduced to the idea of color analysis was a few years ago when a coworker shared an experience with me she had of going to  find her “season” back in the 80’s. At the time I thought it was mildly interesting at best, in a prim, proper and vintage sort of way.

Imagine my surprise then when a video popped up on my YouTube feed from a popular vlogger/stylist Mimi Ikonn, image consultant work background, discussing color analysis, in a modern, 2014 way. Though I didn’t personally like some of the colors she chose for her husband, I could totally see what she meant. He undoubtedly looked better in his color palette and season’s colors. It was then that I realized my whole life is a lie. OK not really, that’s a little dramatic. But try and watch that video without second guessing at least a few of your favorite tops.

After watching her video, I was hooked and wanted to know more. I found a blog Into Mind, a blogs about a minimalist approach to personal style and wardrobe building. She had put together an entire series about color analysis, which helped me to learn more about the topic overall, and start to determine what season I am.

Because I have hair that is lighter than medium brown I was able to quickly see that I will either be a Spring or Summer, not Fall or Winter. For my light haired readers follow along with me on this journey. For those of a darker haired variety check out her blog for more detail on the seasons that would suit you. And comment back and let me know what you find out!
Colours for the Spring Type

Colours for the Summer Type

So Spring vs Summer, the self diagnosing begins. Initially I feel like I’m a summer that dresses like a Spring, except for those greens, because, no. The coral, the light grey, deep blue and peach all have spots in my closet. Is that because those are colors I like, they’re easy to find in stores, or they truly look good on though, that is the question.

As I looked over the Summer colors though, I see some that would be a home run, but others are too pastel for my comfort zone.

Then I found that Mimi Ikonn did a follow up video, going through the shades of fabric she would give her clients in each season. One quick watch through this video helped me quickly settle the debate between Spring + Summer. That first cool toned, grey purple shade actually sealed the deal. I like the colors of the Spring pallet beautiful, but maybe more for accessories, bags, or bottoms. I am a Summer.


With my options narrowed down, I was able to see either way, Spring or Summer, I wear too much black. Check out my next post to go more in detail with me of determining which color pallet suits me best.

Let me know your thoughts/experiences with building your style and which colors look best on you! Remember this applies most to the colors that are near your face.


4 thoughts on “Introduction to Color Analysis

  1. heykyra

    All black is just so easy, especially in the winter! Let me know what you find out or what season or type seems to fit you best.


  2. Sophie

    Aaah I always hesitate to buy colour because I feel like I have no idea what actually looks good on me … Making me another one who wears too much black (cough all black). I always mean to really sit down and figure out what my ‘style’ is and what colours work on me. With the spring season arriving in Holland it’s high time I did, so I will definitely be checking out those videos for inspiration!

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