13 Months Old | Baby Paityn


She’s finally walking! Not only that, she’s also now running away from us.
Has started hiding things/giving things new homes. The other night we needed to find a Red Box case and later found it inside the crockpot, what?
Sits on the printer more than any seat in the house. It’s her spot of the month. I figure she’s too light to do any harm.
Has mastered saying “dadda”, but uses it constantly, like it’s the only word that she knows how to say {because it is}.
She can say “mamma” while blowing spit bubbles, so there is that. Picture the word really drawn out, spit bubble growing larger “maaaaoommmmmaaaa.” Oh, she loves me.

Laughs at just about anything, especially in the evenings when we’re all home together
Tries to twist her way out of the seat in the shopping carts every time
Has stranger danger. We learned this the hard way at the Dr.’s when all the nurse wanted to do was measure her head….
Has no problem with bath time, and I can’t wait to play in the pool with her again this year.
Adores Michelle — my doll from when I was young, and named after the Full House character, like any good 90’s child would do.

Will give anything loves: a tight squeeze of a hug, while simultaneously saying “awwwww.”
Loves smoothies +/or bananas eaten whole for breakfast.
Holds our hands for little walks outside
Helps when we buckle her into her car seat. We set her in, she’ll grab the bottom buckle and wait for us to catch up
Squeals at a high pitched notes for no reason at all, more often than is ideal.
Still pulls all the cards out of my wallet like you wouldn’t believe.
Opens and closes her hands excitedly when she wants something
Watches cars pass by or the rain falling out the window for minutes on end,

and is still breaking all the lamps in our house.

IMG_3743In the time it took to write this she has put an earring, a penny, a gum wrapper and a piece of spinach in her mouth, tried to run away with two uncapped pens, taken the bookmark out of my book, and had one small meltdown. So that’s our life. Sounds like naptime, which we’re still big believers of by the way.

Our little one might not get a 13th month birthday due to being born on the 31st, but I’m counting it! Take that, February. Happy 13 Months Paityn Ann!

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