Contemplating Strollers over Slings

With each decision Landon and I have made since getting married and building a life together, we are choosing what type of couple we are. This has come with a decent amount of compromise, meeting each other in the middle, and aligning our visions to be one. For example, in the beginning my vision for our living room purposely didn’t have any comfortable furniture or TV in it. I pictured large pillows on the floor and a yoga retreat vibe. Landon had a more realistic vision, with visitors and friends in mind, so a black leather couch was added, but we agreed on being TV free. And so we’ve done for the past few years together, as every couple does, deciding who we want to be.

Which leads us to our next decision to see where we stand — getting our now 1 year old from place to place. The two routes would be to continue the baby carrier route, graduating to something like Sakura Bloom Slings, which work up to age 3, or to get a stroller.

Both interestingly enough, have similar price ranges. Sakura Bloom, [who from what I’ve collected from Instagram is the leading sling lady] ranges in price from $88 for their Pure Linen Line to $540 for their Luxe Silk Collection.  Which makes the decision harder, that’s quite the investment for a sling.

I’m finally just about getting comfortable with having a stroller. I loved our Bjorn, Ergo + Moby for Paityn’s first year, and plan to rely on wraps for future babes that first year, but Paityn is getting heavy. And if the stroller is sleek enough, I’m talked into it. I love the mamas on my instagram feed that are committed to long term babywearing, but like making our own almond milk, I’m just not there yet.

The leading brand to me for strollers is Stokke. For their design, I’d put up with a lot of faults. But from all the blogs I’ve read, the faults are far and few between.

Sometimes it takes the right combination for us to be comfortable with something. Up til this point strollers seemed so large, obnoxious, and not the right fit for our small family. Like when choosing a crib for Paityn, when you know, you know.Some runner ups as we consider strollers would be the Phil and Teds Promenade , Phil and Teds Navigator, or UPPAbaby Vista. But with something you choose primarily off of preference, and being in similar price ranges, I’m thinking Stokke all the way.What about you? What stroller just makes your heart giddy? or, are you part of the toddler babywearing group?

Pictured above | Stokke Crusi. Also sold by Stokke the Scoot, $599, and the Xplory

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