Happy Birthday Paityn Ann!

Happy Birthday little one!

You know how everyone says that the first year goes so fast? It doesn’t feel that way with you. I feel like I’ve known you for years, and that you’ve been in our family for more than 365 days.

I love your little smile, your waves and your little laughs. You’re an impressive sleeper, with already longer eyelashes that I have. You are an expert mess maker already, but cautious little walker. Thought my heart feels like it’s know yours for years, I’m still working on learning how to be the best mom to you I can be. But I swear you realize that, and are so patient with me.

I’ve loved every sleepover in our bed, little cuddle sesh while dad was working late, nursing almost all year, every afternoon at the pool last summer, and even your trick of pulling off all the books on the bookshelves now.  We love your smiles, waves, and little laughs.

Thanks for being the easiest and most lovable baby ever. I didn’t know what to expect before you arrived, but I’m pretty sure you’ve exceeded any expectations I had. Your ability to sleep included.

Love mom

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month 3

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month 2

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month 3:4IMG_3189 month 3:5
month 3:7 month 3:10 month 3:11

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6:2IMG_31926b   66 aSEPT 6



OCT 4IMG_3194    OCT 10  OCT 12OCT 11OCT 6 NOV 3IMG_3195  NOV 7 NOV 8 NOV 10 NOV 2013DEC 21IMG_3196 DEC 22  DECEMBERDECJAN 13 JAN 5 IMG_3197 JAN 11  JAN 22 JAN 32 JAN

Happy Birthday Paityn Ann! We love you so

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