Making 2014 Count | January Update

The end of January is near, and with Paityn’s 1st birthday happening this weekend I wanted to check in with my progress towards making 2014 count now before I get distracted with chocolate cake in her hair pictures.

This month has been nothing short of amazing. We got back from Salt Lake City two days ago, and are seeing good things continue to happen. As of today for example, Landon and Andrew hit 80% on their donations goal for their Climb For Change. I feel lucky to have someone so unjaded by life, in my life. I can see the passion he has for what he’s doing, and it makes me want to find that for myself.

Not feeling any pressure to tackle all of my ideas for this year at once, I went with whatever felt natural to start. I will say I wanted to watch the State of the Union Address tonight, instead of Parks and Rec, for points towards my idea of feeling more up to date on current news, but Paityn and Landon held the majority on that vote. Maybe I’ll watch part of it tomorrow, and Sean and Catherine’s Bachelor Wedding, if someone’s finally uploaded it.

Reading the Scriptures 365 |

I haven’t missed a day yet, which is huge for me. Granted the whole week in Utah it was all Landon and I could do to read a verse most nights before passing out, but I definitely count those little verses. Right on track for reading 365 this year.

Feeling/Being More Athletic |

After a few months away from the gym this fall, I was able to get back into lifting weights this month. I felt stupid walking Imageinto a new gym, at the beginning of the new year — feeling like they were all thinking the same thing: “here comes another New Years resolutioner.” I fought the urge to defend myself and explain that I’d been lifting weights all year and that I’d only taken 2 months off, and nicely signed all the paperwork.

By 7am that next morning, headphones in, I regretted even the few days I’d put off going to sign up. I learned a lot those couple months off of working out daily: that my new smaller weight had everything to do with my diet and not working out (seriously?) but that it had everything to do with feeling balanced during the day.

Having fully weaned from breastfeeding in early December, I jumped into feeling and being more athletic with a new tub of protein powder, creatine + glutamine. And man does it feel good to be back.

Reading a Book a Month |

Check! I am right on track to finish the last few pages of I Am Malala before the month’s end. Which my Grandma is also reading, I saw her copy with a bookmark in next to her chair when we visited, which took me back for a second. Which just goes to show that if you’re not reading it right now, you should be. It’s a little slower than my December reads, but I’ve learned more about Pakistan, the Taliban and the Swat Valley than I ever would have normally. Also, I have a renewed conviction to never take education and school for granted– especially the education I already have while longing for more.

On Cooking More |

Does acorn squash for our road trip count..?

On Being a Better Driver |

If you could have only heard my zen breathing, two hands on the wheel, as I passed by each big rig during my turn of driving out to Salt Lake. So embarrassing. But this year is about growth, and I got a little better with each one I passed. So, there is that.

In all seriousness, I’m working on offering to drive more when Landon and I go out, and love it. I blame all those years in high school of being driven around by friends and boyfriends without realizing it, for my sub-par driving skills.

and lastly for this month, Finding ways to grow with Art, Music and Spanish speaking abilities this year |

I haven’t quite figured out how to channel any of these interests into progress yet, but Landon’s dad texted me about a link a patient of his told him about — a free site to help learn Spanish. So, I should probably check that out.


How’re you doing with your goals + vision for this year? Any tips or tricks that are working for you this month?


One thought on “Making 2014 Count | January Update

  1. Priya Pappu

    Hi Kyra! looks like you have some awesome goals for the year, go girl! last year I made a resolution to read a book a month, didn’t work out too well. so this year I’ve gone with a “just read more” mentality. it’s still off to a slow start, so I admire your discipline. also- your little one is beautiful!

    perfectly Priya


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