Utah Jazz

Every once in a while Landon and I have a day that just feels like life is going our way.

Now that I think about it, life feels that way more and more lately. Nearly every time Landon comes home he has new good news to share about the projects he’s working on.  He started his day early yesterday by heading up to the Mountain Demo at Solitude Mountain Resort for the first day of the Outdoor Retailer Show. He came home with a backpack full of new gear and more good news. It feels so nice as a wife and best friend too see him lit up about life.

We packed up, spent some time with Crystal and Gabby then headed up to play in downtown SLC again. I was able to successfully pick up a OR badge [phew!], hit up European tan [you know for old times sake], then we sat down to dinner together at Pizzeria Limone, which may be my new favorite thing in Salt Lake City.

There’s something so nice about a fast casual restaurant, with fresh ingredients nicely displayed, rows and rows of San Pellegrino in a large clear glass fridge, and a Caprese pizza with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. Nice work Pizzeria Limone, you may have demoted Zupas in my heart a bit, which is saying something

Pizzeria Limone Caprese PizzaIMG_2975

To keep the night going we planned on stopping by Sara + Spencer/s and their new little guy, then kill time til we were able to go over to Avery’s at 10pm. We just so happened to stop by at the perfect time — a few minutes in, Spencer called Sara saying he had 4 tickets for the Jazz Game, in the Jazz suite. Cue emoji with hearts for eyes. That my friends, is the way to watch basketball with friends and 3 little ones! A bathroom, personal tables and chairs, a couch, and 3 rows of five seats and not a single annoying person to be heard.

IMG_2964 IMG_2965 IMG_2977IMG_2979IMG_2987

I can’t tell you how good it felt to remember how much SLC has to offer beside shopping and restaurants. It felt so good to be with good friends and daydreaming about life back in Utah again. Til then, I’m loving all of these amazing days. Landon’s at the OR show today, and by the sounds of it, things are continuing to go well.

The Jazz might have lost, but yesterday was a big win for us.

PS: capresse pizza picture from Heart Beat Nosh, because I was entirely too distracted by how good it was, apparently

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