Oh, Hello 2014

Happy New Year! We kept our New Year’s Eve super casual.  While Paityn was awake I wanted it to be “her” night, because those sorts of nights are awesome. All those things she always wants to get into? We let her. We dropped by our Target and took her down the baby isle to choose her favorite puffs + veggie pouch. “good choice Pait! parsnips, mmmm…”

Landon found a sequel to our favorite kid’s book I Want My Hat Back, that *spoiler alert* involved a bunny being eaten over a stolen hat. Kid’s books, I love em!Image

Once back home and in her PJ’s, she had just enough energy to gobble handfuls of Puffs down before she was rubbing her eyes. “Sorry babe. Bedtime for you.” Landon and I curled up with some apple cranberry bubbly and a cute movie. I was insistent on staying up til midnight this NYE, just to be sure we started the year off on a good start.

New Years Day morning I was ready to make homemade butter cream frosting and eat it all day. This craving evolved into me trying to talk Landon into a road trip down to Palo Alto for Sprinkles Cupcakes instead. We had the day off, it’s a brand new start, it seemed like the perfect time.

Guys, he really really loves me.

 Everything about this day was a dream. I found myself falling in love with California as we drove.  We spent just enough time in IKEA to grab a tray for her new highchair and to mentally pick out what frames to uses for our “His, Hers, Ours” 2014 goals. We grabbed $2 slices of pizza then jumped back in the car to continue our road trip.

I felt so blessed to find everything so beautiful. We prayed to have joy that morning before we began. Imagine if I prayed for that everyday.

Our first exciting sighting in Palo Alto was the Facebook HQ. I had completely blanked of the fact that they were there. I’d seen the movie and everything! Palo Alto you cool cat you.

We wasted no time with getting our cupcakes on. I instantly regretted not scoping out blog posts to know which to get! They had peppermint, which is always the way to my heart, s’mores, red velvet, vegan; so many good looking ones! I decided on the classic red velvet while Landon went for a chocolate marshmallow.


My review? Sprinkles Cupcakes are totes worth it for the experience, cute storefront + packaging.

And for anyone that finds them overpriced, pssh. How much do we all pay for diet coke? haha I don’t find it unreasonable to pay another dollar for a gourmet cupcake haha. I would pay three bucks for the frosting alone! I am thoroughly convinced, that if given the opportunity, I could become completely addicted to one of their flavors. The Red Velvet was amazing, but won’t be the one that gets me hooked.

Happily, and feeling like my life was complete, we headed down a few stores to Nordstrom. With a giftcard weighing my purse down I knew just what I wanted. I tried on the Zella Live In Leggings, and it was instant love. All 900 positive reviews weren’t lying.

Just nearby to the Standford Shopping Area was Stanford campus. I quickly Googled tuition rates. 13K a year? “Full speed ahead with Stanford dreaming!” I did get all A’s at the LDSBC one semester, you know. Palm tree lined roads, beautiful balconies on the business building, Greek statues, oh campus was beautiful.

IMG_2342 IMG_2362

From there everything on our agenda was checked off so we toured and drove north slowly checking out a few different cities. Like finding Clif Bar HQ and attempting to find the Mountain Hardware HQ. It was cool to see the home base for so many businesses down there, even Ask.com, which I think is the worst website ever. In case you were wondering.

This is where I tell you that he cut his hair, shaved down his beard and made out with me all night.

I’m telling you, beyond perfect day.

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