Most Wonderful Time, Of the Year

We had such an amazing December + Christmas this year filled with so much joy and so many memories.
Her mischievous face as I went to get her out of the car-seat to see the first snowfall of the year. Cue frenzied diaper change on the side of the road

^^straps on baby hats, genius. It would’ve been off in seconds without. She admitted defeat. Then scowled and drank her bottle
^^Paityn’s BFF. until he starts talking. That freaks her out
^^Sugar cookies from the pouch << Mom’s homemade cookies.
 ^^Christmas touches around the house
^^side by side playing

^^Christmas Eve dinner all together// Grandpa reading You Are Special
^^Christmas morning at Papa + Mimis

^^ little Christmas fox pjs + Knixson on Christmas morning

I had a night or two where my heart just ached to have a Christmas tree, to be able to buy presents for everyone, to be home in Alaska, to have it all. And at just the right pace this month everything worked out perfectly. We found a little burlap wrapped Christmas tree. I got to go shopping with Avery for our nieces for a few gifts. The next day with Trever + Landon we turned on Elf, wrapped all the presents, then watched with anticipation a few days later on Christmas morning as they shrieked with joy to open everything.

“It’s just what I wanted!!” Reagan and Riley as they opened a Cotton Candy Maker Mom and Dad and picked up for them. How nice to be able to sit with Landon’s arm around me that Christmas day, watching what it’s like for Christmas to unfold for little ones that you love so. I couldn’t help but think, “3. Three’s a nice number.” Those little nieces and Knixson make three babies look good.

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Possibly one of my favorites. This has been such a good example to me of how much memories and family make up Christmas.

Yes, this Christmas was wonderful.

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