Thanksgiving #4 Together in California!

We had gone back and forth on the idea of doing a really quick drive up to Oregon on Friday, but just couldn’t make it work in our heads, or talk Kyndra into it too, so we headed up to Oroville Wednesday night to start the sleepovers. But first had to wait halfway through the night for the UPS man to deliver the VivoBarefoot shoes for Landon. I’ve never seen the dude so excited about getting mail hah.  We got settled in once we we arrived and and whipped up some Pumpkin Spice Muffins for the morning. I subbed chocolate chips for raisins, obviously

Thursday morning, Thanksgiving, we all got ready for the Fifth Annual Charity Walk.
Landon, ran 9 miles that morning on a trail to a waterfall, then we all headed over to the trail together.
It was perfect weather, and such a fun morning.
Once we’d walked the 3 mile loop, we met back at the cars for a little tailgate breakfast.
Afterwards, all of the cousins and sibling’s headed off for their feast at their inlaws.
Landon and I joked about driving up to Alaska. but went back to his parent’s instead. Naps were had, football was watched and snacks consumed. By the evening, we all had a bonfire + s’mores with some of the family that was back from their Thanksgiving plans.
Paityn showed off that she apparently now knows how to drink through a straw.

Friday morning we woke up at 6, got ready and met up at Marshalls with Andrew and Teresa to do a little Black Friday window shopping. The boys headed off to do a photo session of Landon running in his shoes and Teresa, I and the babes went shopping. Not much was going on in town, Walmart even was boring, so we headed over to Chico. So fun — Target never lets me down on the happiness meter. I grabbed a few pairs of boot socks and wipes for Paityn haha. We checked out the mall there, where she bought an exciting present for her Andrew. I love having good examples of gift givers. I am not naturally a good gift giver. But when I see people give generous and good gifts I think, “I can do that!” “That talent is in me somewhere!”

That afternoon was Thanksgiving prep — Landon and I made a pumpkin dessert and helped peel a few potatoes. Then we donned some nicer clothes and gathered together for our Thanksgiving up at Grandpa and Nanu’s

We stayed til late. In the morning Landon’s buddy from SLC, Mitch, came over. He, being in the middle of a month or so long adventure on the West Coast.  We gave him a mini tour of the town, all watched the last Utah game of the season, and the boys got ready to go on a hike along with Andrew.

Paityn and I napped, then went up with the rest of the family for Thanksgiving pt 2, leftovers. The boys got back after dark. I’m not going to say I was nervous about them. Just good to see them home.
Sunday was little Luke’s baby blessing which was so nice to be together for.
Landon I Paityn and Mitch headed back home by mid afternoon, where Mitch would stay the night and take off for Tahoe in the morning

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