Birthday // Twenty Three!

Any birthday that starts with your baby having to get shots, doesn’t sound like a good one. Luckily, Paityn is an absolute trooper, and was great the rest of the day
I had visions of Sprinkles Cupcakes and Palo Alto dancing through my head the months leading up to my birthday. But the closer my birthday got, the more I wanted to have a casual day all together with Landon. Being a big believer in Birthday Eves we started things off the night before — with lots of treats and cuddling up to monster’s university.One of the happiest places in California to me, having never been to Disneyland, is IKEA. So off we went after Paityn’s early morning Dr. appt  for breakfast and exploring IKEA for home inspiration

IKEA never disappoints, I’m telling you. I resisted buying all of the plants [to replace the first generation nursery plants] Christmas Decorations + desks. But I finally got baskets for the Expedit changing table, supplies for our newly hatched Teepee idea, and a few candles that are exact dupes for the Anthropologie volcano candle

We played around shopping in Sacramento a little longer then headed home mid afternoon, ready for a birthday linner.

Did I mentioned it rained for my birthday? So awesome. It hadn’t rained in months and months. God obviously loves me. Speaking of multiple month long droughts: I was in a sushi drought. It’d been wayyy too long. We tried a cute sushi restaurant near home, and though we were worried we’d picked the wrong place when the Miso soup came out cold and without a spoon, everything else was absolutely delicious. I wasn’t even mad that they only had Pepsi.

It was dark and early evening once we finished dinner, but I wasn’t quite ready to head home yet. One last stop was in order, Target. All those sweaters I thought I wanted? Yeah they didn’t stand a chance once I got to the book section. All my careful birthday money planning went out the window. “I want you and you and you.”

And just like that my heart was full.

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