Feather Falls, We Meet Again

One of my very first blogposts, and adventures in California, was hiking Feather Falls with Landon and Andrew, freshly pregnant. I nearly died from exertion. Feel free to go down memory lane with me in that post.

This past week, starting Monday the 23rd I woke up at my normal time to go to the gym and wasn’t feeling it. I’ve continued to do a 4-5 day split each week of lifting since March. I’ve switched things up every so often with different weight lifting programs, but this past Monday I was over it. I felt discouraged by my muscle gains and like it all wasn’t worth it. Sounds like a Monday, huh? I came across a Fall challenge that the Tone It Up girls started and I decided to jump on board. One of the main parts of the challenge is to do 100 miles by Halloween. It was exactly 37 days away.

So I got to it. I ran everyday that week and lifted most days as well:

Monday: Ran 2.51 miles
Tuesday: 3.02 miles
Wednesday: 3.14 miles on the treadmill
Thursday: 1 mile + 1.25 that night
Friday: 0.00
Saturday: 2.76 miles

According to what I’d calculated I needed to do about 20 miles a week. I woke up on Saturday bound and determined to somehow get to 20 by that night. I threw around ideas like going to the track and not coming home til I was done. Then I thought I’d go on 3 separate runs throughout the day. After my morning run I had a total of about 13 miles for the week so far. Landon came up with a better idea once he came home from his run, “Let’s go hike Feather Falls!”

Within thirty minutes we were packed and off in our little party car.

I tracked every step of the way with the Nike+ Running app on my phone, including our pace — monitoring if we needed to pick it up in order to make it down to the car before the sun went down. We took the upper trail to the Feather Falls overlook, 4.5 miles uphill + the lower trail on the way down. Which ended up being a hike that was uphill both ways.  Which I guess is impossible, but my legs sure felt that way.
Paityn did amazing you guys! She happily patted Landon’s shoulders while in her REI backpack, checked out all the views, and when she felt like sleeping just laid her head down and passed out. She is the best. We took turns passing and taking pictures for a duo of friends on the way up. On the way down the lower trail was more overgrown and private. Bright green leaves on the trees made it feel like spring, the air felt like hot summer air, and the orange crunchy leaves on the trail reminded me it was actually almost October.

By the end of the trail I was a lot more quiet and ready to be done // Burger King had never tasted so good in all my life that night.


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