10 New Habits That Make All the Difference in the World

I am convinced once you stop doing anything that is positive, the desire to have it in your life disappears. By being mindful of this, and making it a priority to fit those things in my day, I’m such a happier camper with less regrets about how I spend my days.

Here are the 10 things I’m making a habit in my life–

#1: Shower while Paityn sleeps AND before 9am
I can promise you I’m a lot more productive when I’ve showered, done my hair and done my makeup. Looking back, unproductive days + days I didn’t shower til late afternoon are one in the same. Also, getting to take a shower without the little one trying to jump in the whole time is nice little luxury.

#2: Take Biotin Supplements [+Prenatal] Daily
Somewhere on the world wide web I’d read that biotin can do wonders for your hair and nails. I finally started taking them last week. The verdict? My nails suddenly looked too healthy to not be pregnant withing 3 days. I literally had Landon grab a dollar store pregnancy test too see whats up. Just one pink line, which means I get to reap the benefits of amazing nails without any morning sickness. Thanks for the random hint to take them, internet world.

#3: Read from the Bible/Scriptures + Pray in the morning
Landon and I work on saying 3 prayers a day together. We usually say a quick prayer before he heades out the door in the morning. I’m working on not stopping there and calling it good for the day.

Personal prayers with our Heavenly Father do so much for the soul. They center me, help me with my true identity, and set a beautiful tone for the rest of the day.

#4: Bathe Paityn + Brush her teeth
Because it’s a cute form of service. and it makes Landon happy.

#5: Go for walks/Get outside
How many times have I gotten outside and thought, “whyyyy don’t I do this everyday??” Oh the difference a little sunshine makes in my life. With parks nearby and a 50 miles by Thanksgiving goal, I’m hoping this becomes a fun part of my day. It’s one of the harder ones, but it’s so worth it.

#6: Set Goals for the week
Landon and I record goals for the week in a designated notebook + write them on a square green “whiteboard” in the hall. Some examples include our targeted food budget for the week, things we’re praying about, and a cute grandma we want to visit.

We accomplish 500% more each week than if we hadn’t set any goals, even if we only do 50% of our list. It’s the best.

#7: Chug water
Before dating Landon I literally did not drink soda. I’d have an energy drink here and there. But soda, never. Now  I would go so far as to use the word addict when describing my love for diet coke. It’s not cool. It’s time to go back to using the unfortunately pretentious phrase, “oh I don’t drink soda.”

#8: Print out a talk + Mark it up every week
Landon and I  choose a Conference talk each week and print it out, double sided on cardstock at our local print shop. 2 copies for $3 total.

We 3 hole punch our copies, watch the talk, read the talk, then mark it up. I love the idea of looking back on all the talks in 1 years time. It’s going to be awesome.

#9: Make reading a priority
Like getting outside, this is another amazing thing, that when it’s not a habit I don’t crave it at all. My “natural man mode” is set to crave chocolate and the computer, that’s about it. But OH when I start to read again I curse all the days that I hadn’t cracked open a book. New habit: buy good books + read them.

#10: Write down a few lines about my day, each night
I don’t like the pressure of writing profound paragraphs  about life in a journal every night. I don’t even like the pressure of thinking someone else might read my journal someday. I write for me, typically in lists, centered down the page. I write single lines of what happened that day. No pressure to be deep, but man, it feels good to do just that, and get it down on paper.


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