Davis, California on a Saturday

Friday night, as we were heading back from Santa Cruz, Kragen and Rachel texted to see what we were up to. It worked out perfectly to drop by their place and hang out before heading in to the condo to pass out. Saturday morning we woke up, cleaned everything up, then headed into Davis to check out the Farmer’s Market and meet up with them againIt was pouring rain, and my heart had never been happier. Growing up is fun. You get to realize that you like the idea of the beach, and that if given the chance you would always take a weeks vacation just laying out all day. But truth be told, I think I like rainy outdoor farmers markets more than the beach.

Davis is cute. Prior to last weekend we’d only stopped for cupcakes, and then to watch 2016 last summer. It’s fun to see more and more of it each time. While staying dry we stopped into a consignment clothing store/house where I snagged a pair of shorts for $1. Our day was definitely off to a great start. A little frozen yogurt for Landon, candy corn for me + looking out the window for Paityn our day continued to get better. We had the entire frozen yogurt shop to ourselves so we took our time, while staying dry. I quickly got Landon’s attention, “look look! quick you won’t be able to see them in a second. twins, so cute.” It was a mom in a black jacket, with these two adorable twins, pink matching rain jackets and striped tights. My heart melted.

We meet up with Rachel a few minutes later, when I realize what I’d done. The girls were the twins I’d just made Landon stop everything to admire! Still cracks me up.
The rest of the day was nice and slow paced, it was perfect. We didn’t stop for a cream puff, but found a place called Beard Papa, + wanted to document an example of what mom’s business could look like! because she makes the BEST cream puffs. Hire us! ;)

We ended the afternoon cheering on Utah football from home, but I couldn’t help picturing us cheering on Davis in the future someday, based off that farmer’s market alone. Remind me to google if they have sport’s teams. If not, they have a medical system to cheer on, haha right?


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