A Day With a 7 Month Old

If it’s made of paper, she’s crinkling it. “Oh that was important?” If it’s not heavy, it’s getting knocked over. That lamp? There it goes. For the 2nd time today. And she looks at me confused like, “I just wanted to gnaw on something.” She doesn’t realize that the dishwasher drawer rolls quickly — more quickly than she can keep up with. She falls to the ground, and her feelings are hurt. CD’s get pulled out one by one from the bookshelf, till she’s surrounded by a pile all around her, and she finds something new to get into. Our outlets need covers, like 2 weeks ago. I hear a strum on the nice guitar, I let myself be impressed for a second before quickly moving it and the stand into our bedroom.

We both lay down for a nap by 10am. I wake up at noon, confused, trying to figure out what day it is and to texts asking if I’m OK. I haven’t napped in a long time. I finally take a shower after Landon comes home for lunch. I shut the door, lay a few towels on the floor for her and look for something she can play with. 3 old prescription bottles get laid down with her. Child proof. This keeps her distracted and happy long enough for me to even condition my hair.

She’s teething, but in true overachiever method: 4 top teeth at a time. But this means she’s cuddly when she gets just tired enough. She fell asleep in my arms as we rocked in her nursery so easily. Her little hand smacked herself in the face a few times; still asleep. I wonder if her teeth are hurting, and feel bad for her.

I light our current fall candle: caramel delight. I’m texting Landon about big decisions, not a first. A trail of thought in the shower had me really thinking. I promised him and myself I wouldn’t jump on the computer and start researching anything til we both decided one way or another. Easier said than done. It’s 3:30pm. Colored pencils and crayons are scattered all over the floor. Luckily they aren’t capable of marking up the carpet. Remind me to never buy markers. I pick up the lamp again, dial in to kLove on our record player, smile at the pictures we hung last night, and breathe.

I spent time with Teresa and her little one yesterday. For a few minutes I got to hold her little babe in our Baby Bjorn and think back to those long winter nights I spent with Paityn, just trying to make it through, til Landon came home. Did I miss it? No. I love little babies, and that time will come again in the future. But oh Paityn’s little laughs make my day.

During the week I just get into survival mode– make it through til Landon comes home for lunch, and then home at 5. But the weekends are my favorite, Sundays especially. To see her surrounded by so many people that love her, and interact with her in different ways is the absolute best. I love her little 7 month old self + personality!  She is easily distracted, interested, curious and happy, such a happy baby. Four new teeth and all.

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