Our Favorite Baby Gear [0-6 Months]

Our Favorite Baby Gear [0-6 Months]


1.) The PUJ Tub Flyte:
There are many baby tubs to choose from, but this is our favorite! It has a new modern shape, fit perfectly in our kitchen sink, she doesn’t slip around whatsoever, and no still standing water to worry about. I have not found a single con to the Flyte yet! Paityn still uses it happily at 6+ months. Once bathing time is over, it dries almost instantly, folds right up and gets set on a little shelf in our bathroom til her next bath.

2.) Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover:
There is nothing proprietary about this brand that I know of, except that they offered a nice black eyelet option. I choose solid over patterns any day, which is harder to find once you enter the land of all things baby. With a nice stiff neck it stays in place when I need it to while still allowing me check on how she’s doing. Someday maybe we’ll all get to nurse with our shirts off, but til then, nursing covers help me feed the little one in public without feeling like I’m participating in a sit in.
Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover

3.) Carter’s Newborn Bodysuits
The best. Okay, there could very well be better bodysuits out there, but I didn’t have to find out, because it was love at first sight with Carter’s. Long and lean is also hard to find in the baby world, as is quality/not thin fabric. I’m not quite sure who designs onesies but they’re doing it all wrong. The foldover mitts were my favorite part. Paityn fit into her NB sized bodysuits through month 3.
Newborn Bodysuits

4.) Combi Coccoro Car Seat:
We were lucky that things worked out the way they did with car seats. We had been committed to a convertible car seat til the very end when I got sucked back into the look of Maxi Cosi seats. We went ahead and ordered the Maxi Cosi and it didn’t even fit in our car. After some research we learned we basically had two options for our compact hatchback car: the Combi or Dino Radian. The Combi looked a lot better suited for a little babe, so we ordered it in licorice, as a gift from Landon’s parents and we love it. It’ll fit her for years, the passenger seat has almost as much legroom as before, and we can fit 3 side by side in our backseat… just in case we suddenly find ourselves with twins next year. Most of all though, it reinforced the idea that the seat stays in the car and the baby goes with us. We started wearing Paityn in a wrap or carrier from Day 1, and haven’t looked back.
Combi Coccoro

5.) Carry-a-Cute-Bag, Baby Bag:
Some ladies really get off to baby bags. I could not find one I loved. The Timi+Leslie baby bag line looked great but had mediocre reviews, and everything that had positive reviews looked like a box with straps to me. Lucky for me my aunt Julie surprised me with a custom baby bag as a gift which I carried around with me everywhere once we left the hospital. Pockets for everything, a middle zippered compartment, everything wiped off easily, long straps, an inside hook for keys… it was heaven sent. The best part? The exterior was black and oh so subtly patterned, because I’m not about that Petunia Picklebottom life.
Carry a Cute Bag Etsy

6.) Bamboo Belly Bandit:
Also heaven-sent: the Belly Bandit.  I’ll try not to ramble, but when I start to talk about the bandit my eyes turn into hearts and I stammer like a lovestruck 13-year-old. I wore it starting 2 days post-birth for about 3 weeks straight day and night. I ordered a size small and at some point I ran out of Velcro to fasten it tighter. If I had extra fifty dollars lying around I would’ve ordered an XS immediately. I continued to wear the bandit during the day til about week 5. By then I felt teeny -tiny, hollow and ready to hulk up at the gym.
For the shrinking waist and stomach properties alone I wish every mom could be gifted a belly bandit. The way it holds your insides together and makes them instantly stop aching all the while making breathing easier, are all added bonuses.
Belly Bandit

7.) IKEA Expedit + Changing Pad:
I had thought going into this that changing stations were complete rubbish. I am a changed woman. By turning the Expedit on its side + adding the legs I had a changing station at the perfect height while having attractive storage space. A curved changing pad attached to the top works and fits like a dream. I would take this over a tall and skinny station any day.
Our inspiration pics : the IKEA Branas Baskets + the IKEA Expedit Drawers [This is now called their KALLAX Shelving Unit]

8.) Pampers Diapers:
This is just our preference from experience. We do not like, dare I say, hate Huggies, and found that Luvs just don’t work for us either. The last straw for Luvs diapers was having to change Paityn in a booth during lunch while spending the weekend on the California coast because there wasn’t a bathroom to be found. Embarrassing. Clothes were tossed out  and Pampers were purchased from then on.
Pampers Swaddlers were our favorite in the beginning, and now we like both Swaddlers and Baby Dry

9.) Baby Carriers: 
I spent some very long days and nights alone with Paityn while Landon worked long shifts this winter. We survived those because of the Bjorn. Just knowing that I could count on having her cuddled up on my chest once it got late helped me make it through. After those first 4 blissful months using the Bjorn with no problems, I began feeling her weight on my shoulders. Luckily she was naturally becoming more alert during the day and could be set down with no problem.

When we were out and on adventures we started turning to the Ergo Baby carrier more and more, Landon especially. From shopping in Napa to hiking 10 miles in the heat, she is always happy as can be in the Ergo.

My younger sister worked at a store selling baby products for a few weeks this past summer. When we flew to visit my family in Alaska this summer we stopped by her store and she was able to hook us up with a Moby for a fantastic deal. I use it occasionally, and definitely feel more feminine having her wrapped rather than wearing the Ergo, particularly if we’re indoors. At 6 months and 16 pounds her weight is distributed much much better than with the Bjorn.

I’ve heard great things about the Solly Wrap and am interested in jumping ship when it’s time for baby #2

Baby Bjorn // Ergo Baby // Moby Wrap //

1O.) Medela Contact Shield {breastfeeding lifesaver in our case} :
These shields allowed me to breastfeed. Without, I very well would’ve had to switch to bottles by week 1. We worked through the night with a very patient nurse in the hospital trying to get Paityn to latch but she wouldn’t. Finally she quietly left the room and returned with a contact shield, suddenly I could feed our baby. I don’t know why Paityn wouldn’t latch on, and why she couldn’t the first 3 months without the shield. Our Pediatrician theorized that she preferred the texture of the shield to skin, along with pacifiers and bottles, which she has never had a problem with.
There are a lot of resources and experiences out there with using a shield. Some problems are the child getting enough milk and an inability to ever wean from the shield. From time to time I would try to nurse her without the shield, using different techniques, but she just couldn’t/wouldn’t nurse without it. I didn’t force it, or try to stress over it, really believing that eventually she would be old enough to figure it out. My instincts were right  and around July this summer she was ready for the real deal. Man does it feel good to not be constantly looking for the shield, and how can I forget the few times we were out and I’d forgotten to pack on in my purse! She literally would not nurse without. It had its time and purpose, and I’m so grateful for the patience of the nurses in the hospital with finding something that worked for our babe + I.
Medela Contact Shield

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