Baby Gear We Could’ve Made Do Without

… but I’m glad we didn’t t have to!

While pregnant I loved searching through blog posts and websites to see which products mom’s were singing praises about and which ones they absolutely hated. I kept an ongoing and regularly updated registry that I used as a way to organize and bookmark what I loved at the moment. I created Paityn’s baby registry with It allowed me to post items from any store (Target, Babies R Us, Nordstrom, etc) including etsy.

Landon and I luckily have similar styles and views about children. We knew we preferred babywearing rather than lugging a car seat + child, earthy colors over primary, breastfeeding to bottle, and wood more than plastic. Here are our favorite items that we loved having, but I couldn’t sleep easily calling them “essential.”

Baby Products {0-6 Months}

1.) Babyletto Hudson Crib
I’m not going to say every mom needs to register for this specific crib, I will say it is the prettiest crib I have ever seen. Landon and I, we wanted a modern crib with clean lines; one that we could hold onto and use for future little babies. I am so glad we were able to have this one, really I just love it. I feel that if you’re in a position to do so, get the crib that makes your heart happy. For some it may be a vintage crib you found that you gave a DIY makeover one weekend, and every time you see it you smile. For another parent it could be a crib that has been passed down a few generations and you can’t get over the feeling of connectedness as you lay your babe down to sleep. But most of all, you’re going to be seeing the dang thing a lot. Make it one you like.
Babyletto Hudson Crib 

2.) Ikea Lack Shelf + Rods
The second I saw this done in another nursery I knew it was the answer for us. I love the boutique feel of having little baby clothes displayed neatly on hangers. We were able to achieve this in Paityn’s nursery with a Lack shelf + by installing two long drawer pulls underneath. We hang all of her tops, dresses + footie pjs now which keeps things so organized. The plants on top just add to the room making it one of my favorite parts of our home.
Our Nursery + Nursery Inspiration 

3.) Ikea Poang Chair
While pregnant I found so many blog posts about moms that swore they needed a $700 glider while pregnant and after the fact confessed they would easily spend 3 times what they paid for the comfort it gave them during every middle of the day/night session with their baby.

Going into this I knew I wasn’t a furniture kinda girl, I prefer sitting cross-legged on the floor to sitting in a chair any day, pregnant or not! With that in mind we chose a birch veneer Poang with the Granån white cushion and we love it. It went untouched for the most part until she started getting a little heavier and a little older around 3 or 4 months. Now it’s nice to have a spot to nurse her in the middle of the night or right before nap time.
POÄNG Chair, Birch +  Granån white

4.) Aden & Anais Bamboo Swaddles, Sheets + Changing Cover
These swaddles are perfectly sized and the softest I’ve found; they just get softer with each wash. We used them for everything from nursing covers to burp rags during desperate moments. From our crib sheet and changing cover experience I can also promise you they wash clean just how you’d want them to.
Bamboo SwaddlesSage Green Sheet + Changing Cover in Dreamer

5.) The Diaper Genie Elite Pail
My brother texted me about ours a few weeks ago, what did we think, was it worth it? I think it is! Necessary, no, but if you’re deciding between spending money on the Diaper Genie and some random decor item I’d encourage you to go with a diaper pail of some sort. Keeps most smells and diapers absolutely contained.
Diaper Genie

6.) Nosefrida Snot Sucker
This worked exactly like it promised, and much, much better than the bulb syringes we were given as gifts packages from the hospital. Because we only needed to use it once, and it was more pricy, it gets demoted to our “probably could’ve done without category.” The good news is the Nosefrida comes with filters, and after being used this Spring, it’s back to being as good as new. Safe to hold onto should sickness sweep our house again. And maybe, $15 is worth the price of not having to watch your baby struggle to breath when sick.
NoseFrida the Snotsucker

7.) Guava Mitts
Guys, I loved these mitts! I think they are the cutest ever, stayed on like a charm, are super soft and reversible. They have a little window frame of being used though, they make a fun gift, but don’t make it to my “don’t have a baby without” list. They do make a larger size however, so let me know — have you used Guava Mitts passed your child’s first week? If so, why?
Guava Mitts size SM

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