This Summer: the Happy Edition

Summertime, and the living was not easy. I took a much needed break from blogging and most forms of social media for sections of time. But I’m back with a little tiny recap + some of my favorite pictures

Paityn mastered rolling over, started teething, and became one slobbery monster
My 1st Mother’s Day, Tami’s Birthday + Chico Farmer’s Market with the whole family
After a lot of prayer together, Landon officially turned down all Law School offers
We went completely vegan for a month
I officially became a stay at home mom, and Landon cut back to 1 job
Landon caught a frog while pond fishing, I caught a lot of moss
Paityn successfully slept through 2 plane rides to Alaska

We spent a week in Fairbanks spending bonding time with the family and going on adventures
Paityn pulled off some impressive numbers at her checkup — 16th percentile for weight, 93rd for height
We started studying to both become Certified Personal Trainers through NASM, both using the eTeach course to learn it all
2 year wedding anniversary mark
Landon’s first Father’s Day, spent the eveing with dad and grandpa
Mt. Shasta was sumitted
Someone started sitting up!
We said “hasta la vista” to any and all sombreros and didn’t look back
Paityn’s first camping trip: Tahoe National Forrest. We almost packed up and went home at 1am!

Spent 4th of July weekend with everyone, Avery + Trevor included 
Hiked a 10 mile round trip Mt. St Helena with a happy Paityn on our backs
Camped Mt. Diablo with Kragen + Rachel and the kids. Took off for Walnut Creek/Oakland temple in the morning
Landon shaved his beard
Baby food adventures begin, Paityn loves everything except for a brown rice/quinoa/berry concoction
Our A/C shuts off. Wait, that’d be in the sad edition!
Gym dates begin here and there because Landon officially signed up at the gym
Paityn’s first experiences with $2 gym daycare began, and she got better with each visit

Fishing adventures continued with Andrew + Teresa and brand new baby Paizlee
Camping Nevada City + Yuba River, two different hikes with Paityn in the official REI backpack = instant baby gear love
Paityn’s bald spot disappeared
Ice cream cones were eaten, for the first time in months
Half of our plants are still alive! Or maybe it’s down to like a third…
Paityn definitely has 2 bottom teeth now

All Summer:
Diet Coke, Popcorn + Mini MnM’s
Sleepovers in the Living Room, the coolest room in the house
Saturdays by the Pool + In n Out
Lots of hugs and meaningful conversations
Lots of helpful phone calls home
New friends
More avacados consumed that you could imagine
Study dates in the evening
Early mornings together taking turns working out/reading
a million texts + conversations surrounding Pait and just how much we love her

I’m looking forward to finishing this summer strong and in love, then moving on together to cooler weather, sweaters, candles and all things fall. Til then, I’m hoping there might be a beach trip in our near future (:

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