Happy Half Birthday to Pait!!

Paityn Ann is officially 6 months old!
I woke her up this morning singing the happy birthday song as she greeted me with the widest smile! Oh I love her so.
We finished off the evening with a special treat– we got to drive up to the hospital in Paradise to meet the newest baby in the family, little Paizlee. There is something so special about brand new babies, hospitals, and exhausted + excited new parents
January 31st seems like light-years away in my memory. But being back in that hospital room helped me remember all of those forgotten emotions (and aches & pains!) It felt so good to leave them with their little babe, and to go home with our bubbly pait. Here’s to you, our little one

I miss you while you nap
I love your little feet
when we read books together
I even like your deep voiced cries.

I can’t wait til you can walk for real, but for now your wobbly attempts at balancing while standing up still make my day.
you + ellie melt my heart

 I will never hear a full talk again

And can’t believe the way you can maneuver yourself around the laptop! You are growing up so fast.

You make me laugh little Pait.
Most of all, I love that we can almost share laughs together, even if you are just mimicking me for now


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