Savage Alpine Trail | Denali National Park

We paid our $20 fee inside the Visitor’s Center, stopped and asked for a hike recommendation from the ranger on duty, and set off for the path. Considering how little effort went into selecting it, we got pretty lucky. That plus everything in Denali seems to be gorgeous. Here are photos from our afternoon in Denali National Park on the Savage Alpine Rock Trail:
IMG_4041 IMG_4042 IMG_1962 IMG_4045   IMG_1967 IMG_1970 IMG_4140From the trailhead of the Salvage Alpine Trail the route climbs up to first some rocky outcroppings where we stopped to play for a bit + take some photos, before continuing up another mile up on the ridge. About half of the people we saw stopped at the top of the rocks then turned back around to their car. I’m so glad we kept going —  the ridge had such a beautiful view of Denali National Park! I could’ve stayed up there for hours taking it all in, but I’m weird like that in nature. Landon and I took turns having Paityn buckled in on us in the Ergo, which though a lifesaver, added some weight.

I was slowing down pretty terribly towards the top, silently considering calling it a day and turning around. Luckily Landon suggested to take her, and once we’d switched I was ready to hike Mt. Mckinley. We ran into a guy on top who was hiking around solo, so we took pictures for each other and headed back down while he continued on. The trail is a thru trail, instead of a loop, and though I’d like to say we turned around because it was getting dark, well, we both know that wasn’t the case. With the midnight sun, I can see us someday just going all through the night if they’d let us.

Back down at the car we packed back up, I nursed Paityn, toured around a bit more, then checked out Lynx Pizza for a dinner. [So good] With a two and half hour drive back home our Denali day ended up being a 12 hour day — left at 9am and returned just after 9pm.

IMG_4133   IMG_4130IMG_4135IMG_4136Denali

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