Day 6: A Flooded Angel Rock’s Attempt

Kyrsten, our trusty adventure buddy this week, jumped in the car with us Thursday afternoon and off we went to hike Angel Rocks. By mile 36 Chena Hot Springs Rd, 13 miles away from where we still needed to go, we found a flooded over portion of the road. Kyrsten gets five billion E’s for effort for being willing to hike with us BTW. We watched a large pickup drive slowly and cautiously through, assessed how low to the ground my parent’s car was, and turned around.
We found a few adventures on the way home regardless, which may, in the end, have been more fun!

IMG_3888IMG_3879 IMG_1921IMG_3895  IMG_1922 IMG_3897 IMG_3905 IMG_3908IMG_3917   IMG_3920 IMG_3921  IMG_3922IMG_1928 IMG_4114 IMG_3924 IMG_3927  IMG_3930IMG_3929 IMG_3943

Flooded over Chena Hot Springs Rd, you didn’t get us down one bit. With Landon as our trusty driver we found plenty to see and explore on our way home. There was something so sweet about being outside, surrounded by the same type of trees I’d walk through in elementary to school everyday. All my feelings about Fairbanks aside, this was home. 

And then when we got home all of our NASM gear was waiting for us. Two free backpacks + our big old textbooks. Time to get to work!

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