Day 4 & 5: Casual Days with the Family

We helped clean and organize a few rooms in parent’s house downstairs, no before/afters to post, next time! Explored Fairbanks more with Kyrsten: Riverboat, the -40°F chamber, Beaver Sports, && Take 5. Got falafel’s with my parent’s, and got to eat them in a cute hut outside in the rain. Grabbed drinks with Kyndra at CCH to talk, shopped with my parents, and played a new game all together once the girls were off work.

And then Thursday night Landon and I went for a date without Pait for the first time. Thanks Kyndra!We set off for a dinner date [a cute little cabin turned into restaurant] apparently too late. By the time we’d been seated and started off we were informed they were only serving desert at that point. So with desert as an appetizer we also checked out Boston’s for a cute sit-next-to-eachother cheese-free pizza date

IMG_3786 IMG_3790 IMG_1888 IMG_1897 IMG_1889 IMG_1891 IMG_3811 IMG_3816 IMG_1894 IMG_3838 IMG_3852 IMG_3855 IMG_3857 IMG_3862 IMG_3866 IMG_3872 IMG_1910 IMG_1912 IMG_2038

Casual + overcast, but not dark at night by a long shot. Even at 12:22 AM

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