An Octogon Shaped Block Trying to Fit Inside the Triangle Slot

The past few days from my perspective:

Now what??
Better now than later.
We get to keep our phones.

Does this mean I get to study yoga?
Do I want to study yoga? Yes.
Do we get to move back to Utah?
Do we want to go back to Utah?

When do we want baby #2?
Why am I thinking about babies right now??
We would have never had Paityn had we have been so confused about our future this time last year.

So, nothing’s been a waste.

Except for all of that money.
I’m sure we would’ve just spent it all on taco bell anyways.
How long has it been since we’ve eaten taco bell…?
Fitness, we both have such an interest in fitness. How can we harness this?
I want a tea station in our next apartment. We don’t drink enough tea.
Or read enough books.
We need a Barnes and Noble wherever we move to.
Maybe we’ll work on turning off the internet.
We are never getting a TV.
Do I want an iPad mini? I mean think of the money we are saving now.
We could buy a house with what we would’ve spent.
Do we want to ever buy a house?
Let’s just stick with condos.

I’m so glad we bought tickets to Alaska, we need this break.

Where will Landon be the happiest?
How can we turn his interests into a career?
How much does he need to make for us to be ok?
We really have more than enough now.
I want him to come home from a job and to be excited to tell me a thing or two about his day.
He felt that way about Spaghetti Factory.
August, he wants to be out of here by August.

Where the heck will we be at the end of the summer?

Rock climbing gym, gotta find that.
Snow, add snow to the list.
And don’t forget about the Barnes and Noble.

Zupas would just be an added bonus.

Why do so many people stay at a job where they are unhappy?
What is the end goal of most jobs?
To have money to spend on what they actually want to do?
Why do we talk about births in such explicit detail and every other facet of our lives but we don’t talk about our fiances?
What does Landon think about while in the shower? The secret to finding your career.
Landon does not think about Law in the shower.

What do I think about while in the shower?

Are we humble enough?

Where does God need Landon?
Where does God need me?
What natural talents have we been given?

Are we on the right path to putting them to use?

2 Fast Sundays later.
The Joseph Smith feeling of “none of your choices are right.”

The weird sense that we’ve had about Montana this whole time and this Mormon Message:


Nothing is anything close to being concrete. I just wanted to get everything out there. Sometimes it feels good to blog and be honest about my emotions. This journey of a year off from school in California has turned out to be amazing and a blessing in so many ways. We have til August to decide our next move/step in life.

One thought on “An Octogon Shaped Block Trying to Fit Inside the Triangle Slot

  1. Les Ann

    So I guess the message is, if we let God whittle down our octagon shaped block we can fit into a triangle slot. Tough lesson, but you shared your thoughts beautifully. I hope everyone will click on the Mormon Message link. That was an inspiring video. Keep doing what you're doing and answers will come along with peace. You are even more inspiring than the video. <3 <3 <3 (That's love for each one of you)

    Liked by 1 person

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