Destination: California Coast

Last Saturday, Landon and I had the entire day and night free from work or any obligation. After some planning the night before we decided to explore Point Reyes [National Seashore] By that afternoon we’d learned that with a baby, nothing will really now ever go exactly to plan.
Things started off beautifully — a wake-up call from a happy and ready to eat, Pait, a morning run for Landon, and time to get ready for the day for myself. Out the door by 9am, but just in time to miraculously catch the FedEx man pulling up to our complex with a single box in hand, ours. Luckiest timing ever. He never shows up that early.
We enjoyed a beautiful drive together where not a disagreement of music selections was heard the entire time. Not only that, we had to record paityn with my phone then watch the playback from the front seat to see if she was still breathing.

Guys, she was that perfect.

We pulled into Point Reyes Station realizing that our hunger was greater than our desire to rush to see the ocean. Their downtown was super cute, and unexpectedly full of cyclists everywhere. We chose a corner cafe… and then, things got messy.
Turns out her diaper had smeared alll up her onesie and pants, which we didn’t realize til after we had ordered lunch and sat down. We sneakily tried to resolve the problem without a bathroom, and I died of embarrassment every second of it. Not wanting to push our luck and proceed to feed her there in the cafe, we took our delicious veggie/hummus sandwiches to-go… to eat in the car.
Somehow before we were able to leave downtown she had managed to ruin outfit #2 and we were suddenly out of clothes for her.

 With a newly purchased and thrifted outfit for Pait we were finally off to explore{and find chocolate}

Unfortunately it was beyond windy. We tried a few beaches, expecting that surely the next one would be blocked by the wind; no beach was exempt that day. By early evening I was ready for something warm in my belly{ps, check out that raised eyebrow, she’s the silliest}

 Kragen + Rachel happened to be in Napa that evening so we drove off to meet up with them

Walks downtown with their family, window shopping, picking out 18 million dollar homes, the cutest grocery shop ever with perfectly stacked veggies, cheese of all kinds, fresh breads and more. And a free macaroon on my way out to finish off the day

Though we had to stay in sweaters, and Paityn didn’t even get to see the ocean this time [there’s no way she would’ve been able to breath with an uncovered face!] I had the best time venturing out past our city, ignoring all of tempting malls and shopping centers on the drive there, and getting out in nature for a little bit.

Where in California should we visit next? What’s next on your local vacation list?

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