Educational Goal Ideas

A little before 2013 rolled around I blogged about a few goals that were a priority to me at the time. Now that this little one is here I feel like I have a good idea of what part of my day is devoted to caring for her, and what part could feasibly fit in accomplishing some things. Most of my goals revolve around fitness +/or education.

In our current place in life fitness goals have been the easiest to make work, but now that it’s scheduled into each day, I still have free time. Life, I’m ready for more! Here are a few educational goals that I’ve considered lately.

1.) 4 year degree from ASU Online in:

health sciences – healthy lifestyles coaching
political sciences
and/or religious studies

Or a similar 4 year degree from the school where we’ll be this Fall

2.) Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM or NASM — to increase my knowledge in all aspects of the subject, and to have something to show of all of the research I’ll want to be doing anyways.

3.) Make Up Artist — with the intention to really study makeup and possibly have it come in handy randomly down the road.

4.) Certified Yoga Instructor {200 hour, then 500 hour} — to let myself soak the entire art and philosophy of yoga through continual study

5.) Gain fluency in Spanish {verified through minor added on to 4 year degree?} — to hopefully be able to put to continued use in life, and/or with Landon in the future

That’s it for now!


2 thoughts on “Educational Goal Ideas

  1. Sinnola

    Hi there! I recently found your blog on nasm and it was sooo helpful because I’m very visual and helpd with that a lot, but now I can’t find it?! Please help!


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