Month 2: Workouts Update

Since my first run on the track had gone well I was able to put my new gym membership right to use at 5 weeks post-delivery. For the first few weeks I focused solely on cardio.  I spent a lot of mornings in a spin class at 5 am, drenched in sweat, glad all of the lights are turned off because that much sweat isn’t sexy. I also switched it up with a few sessions on the treadmill, one where I actually hit 3 miles under an hour which was a huge accomplishment for this new mom.

And then I logged onto and remembered the Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer program that I’d looked into while pregnant. Now that I was at my pre-pregnancy weight I felt comfortable with the idea of lifting weights again.

She has created a 3 phase/12 week exercise and diet program completely laid out for free. I had realized that my goal body and what I was doing in the gym were not synonymous, so for the last week of March I printed out the calendar and started the program.

That first Monday I nervously walked into the weight room, saw hulks galore, muttered “eff this ish” and walked upstairs to the small weight room where I could do most of the workout.

Day 2 went a little better. Back & Biceps required at least 3 exercises that could only be downstairs, with everybody. With my iPhone in hand for each exercise I found each machine that I needed, sat down, read the description for a reminder, then went to work. By the end of week one I had found all the machines I needed and felt confident walking into the weight room, thankfully

The entire Phase 1 that Jamie created, eliminated cardio completely. The first week I really had a hard time with that emotionally. I would pull up the plan for the day and think, how is this going to give me the same emotional satisfying feeling at the end that a cardio workout does? But as I continued I realized that when I give it my all, for each exercise,  I still feel on top of the world at the end.

A blogger that I follow – McKinli Hatch, coincidentally recently competed in a NPC bikini competition and achieved excellent results doing her own workout plan with a trainer: cardio in the morning for an hour [while her husband slept] then weights at night; two a days most days of the week. I plan to stick to Jamie’s workout plan to completion, see what results I achieve, then reevaluate from there.

So what specific goals do I have now?:

  • to lower my body fat % [down to 18%, 16%, then reevaluate]
  • greatly decrease time it takes me to run a mile
  • increase how many miles I can run [half marathon, if able to balance with gaining muscle]
  • continue to work on flexibility/yoga
  • track individual body measurements [decrease waist {and chest if possible} increase arm, legs, calves, and shoulders]
  • and possibly work with a hear rate monitor to decrease my resting heart rate as much as possible

With my new gym membership I was able to schedule a free consultation with a trainer in the first week of starting the Live Fit Trainer plan. Luckily I arrived in workout clothes because after filling out a questionnaire we hit the workout room together. It was a simple fitness test of sorts — squats, pushups, arms, flexibility/stretching among other things. What I was mostly there for was my body fat % to be checked though. We checked it before the workout and my body fat percentage is 22.7%
After the workout we discussed my diet and she slightly declared the only reason my body fat percentage is able to be what it is is because of my diet for now. Everything she tested me on was easy except for the pushups, I think she was a little baffled at just how few I could really do.

It felt great to be able to honestly declare to the trainer that my diet is [for the most part on point], that I am super motivated and that I’m expecting results out of myself.

A huge motivator throughout this process has been instagram. In the past my source for inspirational bodies has been fitness magazines. And just as often as we’re told that we as women are “bombarded by fake norms” I feel that we’re told that those inspirational women are “airbrushed and not realistic”

Instagram provides thousands upon thousands of before and after shots in real time, in their full selfie-in-the-gym-mirror glory. I have been able to find ladies my age, that are waking up before the sun comes up, that put in the time, and see results; along with pictures of everything else that they balance in their day.

So with Jamie Eason mapping everything out for me + instagram for motivation + a car to get to the gym at least one time a day + a supportive husband I do not see how I can fail with this!

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