Month 2: Diet Update

The past two months,  I frequently get kind comments from ladies – young and old, and sometimes even the bold, but cute, grandpa. Half of the time they cover their mouth to the side, lean in close, like they’re telling a secret and tell me they think I look great. I respond with a smile and a genuine thanks, leaving it at that. But other times I’ve been stopped and the other person wants to know a little more, they strike up a conversation. How did I do it? What’s the secret? Perhaps it’s when we’re at the grocery store,  at the clerk has more time to talk. I’ve been quick to use phrases like “Oh, I’ve been lucky!’ or I’ll give breastfeeding a lot of credit. Because both have played a role.

But sometimes I also want to say, “do you see these groceries you’re scanning/seeing in my cart?” “I’ve worked my butt off.” “It’s taken a lot of hard work.”
I use this blog to document my life for you, the reader, and for me to look back and have an accurate account of things that are important to me.
The first 3 weeks of weight loss was easy-peasy, probably in part to my diet even then + breastfeeding, and how the body is programmed. After that, it has been a lot of work to continue to see results

With Landon working 12+ hour days between two jobs, I don’t have time to decide when I want to have the energy to go to the gym. With a breastfed only baby I have to also feed her and make sure there’s pumped milk in the freezer before heading out the door, which with my supply is not easy. I have to face fears of walking down to the car at 5 in the morning when it’s pitch black. I have to make hundreds of switches to my diet.

but you guys, it’s so worth it — physically, emotionally and spiritually.
What do I eat like currently? :
  • 1650 calories a day, +400 from 1250 because I’m breastfeeding and Paityn takes those calories
  • Dairy free [for Paityn] — And holy milk cow I feel so much better myself as well. I’d actually thought for a long time that dairy made me bloated but it took Paityn to help me cut it completely out, frozen yogurt and all
  • Goal of fast food 1x or 2x a month // goal of restaurants 0 -1x a month
  • Subway fresh fit options on wheat bread doesn’t count in my mind. Those damn 200 calorie tasty cookies however do…
  • Tons of veggies, way cut back on fruit for their sugar content (25-35grams a day is my goal), lots of veggie patties/burgers, Only wheat bread and tortillas (50 calorie, low carb), egg whites, turkey bacon, etc
The tender mercy in all of this, is I am never  hungry after a meal or before my next meal. And if I am, then I am going to eat. But it’s going to be something that I’m excited to post in the MyFitnessPal app, that will keep me full, and will make me feel healthy and light

My body seems to react very quiclkly and negatively to straying from this. When I eat this way, I continue to lose the pregnancy weight. When I take a break from it, like I sort of did the General Conference weekend, I gain 3 pounds.

As my workout goals are changing so will my diet: a lot more lean protein and veggies, but more on that with the next post


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