Spring Break With the Valentine’s Pt. 2

After the rest of the family had to head home for work and school that Monday, we got to spend a few more days together before they went home as well

Some of my favorite parts of the trip?

Having helpers all the time — with the car seat, being able to take a shower, having buddies to talk to/not being bored scrolling through nonsense while I breastfeed her in a parking lot, etc
Panda Express outside with the sun setting, perf weather!
The blessing, having all of the important men in our lives worthy to stand in the circle
Walking to the store with Kyrsten to pick out nail polish and cream soda, life’s essentials.
Driving with Kyrsten to Oroville, even though you were super shy that day! Of Monsters and Men playing, always
Seeing Paityn cuddle up with dad for forever again and again
Seeing all the guys go out for a hike together
Making soup for the family
Leftover deserts for days
Finding a sports bra that fit! thank you girls.
Taking pictures in that little museum.
The pretentious young girl in the museum that was probably judging us for not knowing the names of the animals behind the glass
How gorgeous the capitol building was, I didn’t expect that to be honest
The exciting feeling of government and of the process
Getting to see Kyle & Heather, Magga & Pagga and Garth, Julie and Jensen, most of whom I hadn’t seen in two years
Our outing to Subway, the 4 of us
Watching Pitch Perfect
Trying to talk Kyrsten, unsuccessfully, into Pride and the Prejudice
[ Kelsey, I still need to see that movie! ]

My least favorite parts?
That dress. Kyndra, that dress. haha 
Having to prepare and give that dang talk.
That weird weird weird night. Ugh. Spiritual exhaustion for weeks ha. but seriously. And screwing up the SanFran day
Not getting to spend much time with Kyle + Heather due to the talk, salad and shopping the morning of the shower :(

What were your girls’ favorite parts of the trip?

California State Capitol: Sacramento 

^^ a few questionable art pieces for your viewing pleasure
downtown sacramento

 dinner: dad’s kitchen. [such a good find!]

^^ From CA weather to Ak

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