Month 1: Post Partum Update

A month ago this weekend I was in the hospital having Paityn! A lot has happened the past thirty days, and one of the most significant has been my growth and understanding of God’s wisdom and a new appreciation for having a healthy and resilient body.

When Landon and I began the conversation about kids early into being married, I was fairly set on waiting a good 4-6 years for two main reasons — to gain as much education as possible & to achieve personal fitness goals. Once we began to pray about the decision I really thought I knew best. Not in a cocky way, it just seemed obvious to me that having a baby early into our marriage, and early into my twenties, could so easily set me on the wrong track for my fitness and lifestyle goals. I took it as fact that I needed those years to continue to reach my peak fitness abilities and that only then would I be prepared for the changes pregnancy and young babies can bring.

Now, at 1 month postpartum, I am so glad that we listened to the answer we recieved, He really knows best. Yes, pregnancy and a little one month old has changed my body and level of fitness. Sleeping schedules are all messed up, Breastfeeding could qualify as a part time job, I still crave sweets, Getting out the door requires so much more effort, and on and on. But if this were a scale, and we put all of those hassles on one side, it drops right down to the bottom. On the other side of the scale, rising to the top, is the new determination that I’ve found to succeed.

I’ve found the drive to run 4 laps on the track at turtle speed despite the rain + hail, as my shoes are sopping wet from sneaking through a crack in the fence that led to an ocean of water to walk through. Having the time to go to the gym now means more to me than having extra cash from a PT job. I’ve found a fresh and clear minded perspective about calories and nutrition. Before I made nutrition entirely too complicated in my mind. Never before has it been so obvious, 1350 = 1lb. The math works.

I don’t need a plan, a named diet, a book, a fad. All I need is eyes to look at nutrition labels, integrity to not call 5/8th of an entire bag of corn chips 1/4 [guilty], and a way to jot down my day as needed. For now I’m using MyFitnessPal, the free iPhone app, and I can’t sing it’s praises enough. From it I’ve learned a more realistic amount of calories that my body needs and

I’ve learned that I consume an obscene amount of sugar…

Did I push myself as much as I could’ve with healthy eating and fitness while pregnant? No.
Do I regret not doing more while pregnant? Yes.
Am I jealous of the ladies who are more focused/driven than I and ran through their entire pregnancy? Yes!But thankfully the body is resilient, my dreams are big, I have a super supportive husband// I believe this knowledge and progress will benefit our little family leaps and bounds!

The time is a little off, as you can see the yellow of me trying to walk through the ocean of water after I slipped through the crack in the locked fence. I’m sure it was more like a 12 minute mile. Which yes, still counts as turtle speed.  However, the pouring rain icon means I still get to pat myself on the back. *Don’t take that from me*

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