Our Week With Mom + Kyndra

While I was pregnant I was very curious how I would do the first week after leaving the hospital. I wondered how much help I would need vs. if we’d all just hang out/go out all week. I was fairly optimistic that I would be up for going out and about right away, and for the most part I would say that was my reality.

Pain: When I was discharged from the hospital the nurse let me know she’d submitted a prescription for 800 mg ibuprofen. I had no real plans of taking it, but dropped by the CVS with Kyndra on Monday to pick it up, figuring it’d be nice to have on hand for the next few months. As the week went on I was glad I had picked it up. I found myself taking it twice a day towards the end of the week– the more I was getting out and walking around, the more I hurt. Also, like most sicknesses/recoveries, once I was tired and it was past 9pm, I would slightly fall apart.

Weight: I walked into the hospital weighing 159 and left at 149. Considering Paityn was close to 9lbs and I no longer had a placenta and bag of waters in me this could have really freaked me out. Luckily it didn’t and I continued to weigh myself every morning — Never have I looked forward to stepping on a scale like I did!  By the 8th, 1 week from coming home from the hospital, I was down to 138.6,  +8.6 overall from my pre-pregnancy size

I had worn the belly bandit day 2 in the hospital for a few hours, and then continued to wear it for the better part of that first week. I luckily had purchased a size small and it fit exactly like it should. Here’s an interesting tidbit. That first week and a half when I wasn’t wearing the band it was hard to breathe. Yes, when I wasn’t. It was the constant feeling of right after you’ve been punched hard in the stomach and you’re about to take a big breath, it’s like I was stuck in breathing purgatory. Once it was on breathing was easy peezy. It also took the achy insides feeling right away.

Emotions: This one’s a little harder to admit, but I think it’s healthy to admit. I thought Paityn was cute. I loved holding her. I loved how new my marriage felt with Landon, all of the new emotions that we were experiencing together– but I was not head over heels in love with her. My love for her was not what I thought it would be. I expected an overwhelming love, an “oh my gosh my heart is going to burst I lover her so.” But my love for her that week was so, so simple love. And I would admit that Landon had a different experience than I did.

Having Paityn in our lives also felt like an unrelated event from the entire pregnancy. It felt like I was pregnant for 10 months, that door closed and now I have a baby. I’m not sure what I expected; perhaps I thought that the emotions and excitement I had while pregnant would somehow feel familiar and transfer to when she was here, but they don’t. They feel like 2 very separate events.

No baby blues, but figuring out my relationship with Paityn and how it was different from what I expected while pregnant. Also that first week, being the very first week not housing a young babe, I found myself super focused on nutrition, downloading new apps, really reading labels (like I should’ve been doing all along..) and trying to resist Taco Bell. It’s been a good change for me, and I’ll write more about that in another post, but I am guessing if you were to ask my two house guests, that first week I felt and was a little out of balance with it all.

Nights: One night Kyndra rocked and played with Paityn for four hours so that Landon and I could sleep. I cannot sing enough praises about those four hours of sleep that we got together. How the rest of the week went sleep-wise, unfortunately I can’t really remember at this point. I do remember a morning or two of being ready for a nap already at 9am and my mom offering to play with Paityn while I curled back up in bed. This must mean we had a few long nights in there.

Paityn: was visited by a nurse on Monday at the apartment and weighed on a travel scale.
Her breath smelled oh so sweet the entire first week.
She had mastered the scrunched eyes look, one eye pirate look, and pursed lips.
Would fall asleep mid-eating (drinking?) just about every time. We’d work and work to sweetly wake her back up
Her arms flailed around like crazy from the beginning, and when sleeping it was normal to find her covering her eyes with her hands, or holding her hands next to the sides of her head
The first few days she made some funny noises, but my favorite one was short lived. I had hoped it’d last awhile.
And last but not least she has a strong little wrinkly neck that reminds me of Little Foot’s from the Land Before Time (:

^^my belly day 3 + myfitnesspal weight loss graph for the end of week 1

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