What’s In My [Hospital] Bag

So I definitely took my time before packing my Hospital Bag! Blogs and websites were suggesting having it packed starting at week 30, but week 37 sounded a little better to me.So before we headed up for a family Sunday dinner 40 minutes away and with perhaps a few wishful thoughts of going into labor, I packed a bag just in case and set it in our backseat. With a few changes since then, and now 39 weeks pregnant, here’s what I’ve packed for my hospital bag:

Bag: Victoria’s Secret Swim tote which came free with my swimsuit last summer, it’s the perfect size for a hospital bag.

 I found this toiletries gem at Target, just loaded with all things travel size. I also slipped in a purple tube of Lansinoh Lanolin. In a separate cosmetic pouch I’ll pack up makeup the night of, and grab my hair dryer and straightener. You know, in case I feel up for looking cute in the hospital.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of bringing your own clothes vs staying in the hospital gown during your stay. Either way I’ll need something to wear for our grand exit, preferably without a slit down the back. I picked up some inexpensive black leggings at Marshalls that, though oh so comfy, should they need to get tossed I won’t even be upset, basic little v-neck tanks that fit today so should fit day after no problemo, a few comfy socks and the one sports bra that *should* fit. And two super dooper comfy zip up hoodies that better not get ruined because I’d like them in my life for awhile.

Having had an aversion to mint gum the past 9 months, I’m playing it safe with fruity gum for the delivery just in case that trend continues. We’ve been warned that we’ll want to prob bring in our own food during our hospital stay so I’m hoping for Subway breakfast lunch && dinner! I think L loves me that much.

 As for the baby we’re keeping it simple– a pair of guava mitts, which are amazing, a few hats, an Aden + Anais swaddle blanket and 2 outfit options. Which I may be guilty of holding up to my chest just a few times pretending there’s a baby in there already. I just think they’re so cute. And that’s it! I’ll be using Landon’s phone & headphones should I feel up for music at any point. A few phone chargers, pillows and shoes that I feel like will work with potentially swollen feet and we’re ready to go!

It’s happily waiting in a corner to be put over my shoulder any second now. C’moooonnnnn rain. help a mama out.

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